CAMX 2018: Exhibit previews

If you are headed to CAMX 2018 Oct. 15-18 in Dallas, TX, you can catch a glimpse of some of the products and technologies you are likely to find on the exhibit hall floor. 
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CAMX 2018, Oct. 15-18 in Dallas, TX, US, is North America’s largest composites trade show and conference. The exhibit hall will feature the very latest in materials, equipment, software and services for all types of composites design, engineering and manufacturing. Below is a preview of just some of what you will find at the show. We hope to see you there.


  • Mae West: Pipe dream in Munich

    Unique fiber architecture and mandrel-less filament winding process make “impossible” rotational paraboloid sculpture possible in carbon composites.

  • Tough resins for aggressive environments

    New thermoset systems drive composites deeper into markets where fire, corrosion, stress and fatigue are ever-present threats.

  • Filament winding, reinvented

    Robots and digital technology deliver speed plus larger, more complex parts, while generative 3D winding obviates mandrels and waste for automotive applications.