Wing of Tomorrow ribs: One-shot, thermoplastic, OOA consolidation

GKN Aerospace’s carbon fiber thermoplastic aircraft rib design accomplishes 45-minute cycle times, reduced weight and competitive costs via a customized press system.
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Composites Index jumps five points to an all-time high

Volatile March survey finds troubled supply chains and strong demand.


Hexagon Agility secures additional CNG composite fuel system order

In addition to this agreement, Hexagon Agility has received four sets of orders for medium and heavy-duty truck fuel systems in 2021.


EconCore, Renolit honeycomb sandwich panel developments explore diverse applications

EconCore lightweight honeycomb enables Renolit Gorcell product line to overcome technical challenges and push the application spectrum for automotive and other markets like furniture and garden.


NASA Ingenuity helicopter succeeds in historic first flight on Mars

Ingenuity’s two 4-foot-wide carbon fiber and foam core rotor blades successfully interacted with Mars’ gravity and atmosphere, logging a total of 39.1 seconds of flight. 

Composite resins price change report

CW’s running summary of resin price change announcements from major material suppliers that serve the composites manufacturing industry.
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Gain in-depth knowledge in processes, products and technology from industry experts

Future Materials

"Future Materials" offers a collection of new materials, processes, and technologies gathered from a wide variety of sources including marine, aerospace, and automotive industries, plus some applied academic research and development.

Closed Molding

Closed mold processes offer many advantages over open molding. This knowledge center details the basics of closed mold methods and the products and tools essential to producing a part correctly.

Automated Composites

In the Automated Composites knowledge center, CGTech brings you vital information about all things automated composites, from the manufacturing processes to the vendors and necessary tools.


Aerospace | 5 MINUTE READ

Airbus ASCEND program to explore liquid hydrogen and superconductivity for zero-emission aircraft

Cryogenic hydrogen as cold source for lightweight, low-electrical loss powertrain, with composite materials as possible insulation.
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Carbon Fibers |

Éirecomposites and ORPC to use recycled carbon fiber in tidal turbine foils

Development part of €3M CRIMSON project to advance tidal energy for clean electricity.


Episode 37: Ian Wilson, DASIS

Ian Wilson, CEO of Develop and Supply In-Sync (DASIS), talks about his history as a CNC specialist for Formula One and his introduction to composites manufacturing.
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Automation and Tooling Innovations Modernize Resin Infusion Processes for Complex Aerospace Composites

In this webinar, Hawthorn Composites will discuss the different advancements in automated dry carbon fiber preform manufacturing and tooling technologies for resin infusion.



Composites 4.0: Digital transformation, adaptive production, new paradigms

An evolving landscape of automation, sensors and AI software is not an end, but a means to achieve the cost, quality, efficiency and agility required for future manufacturing.  
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ZAero project update

The 2019 final review demonstrated integration of an automated CFRP process chain: AFP inline inspection and rework, cure and resin flow sensors, part performance prediction and a decision support tool for line operators.
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Digital thread vs. digital twin

Visualizing the difference between digital representations and data flows and understanding the applications that are changing composites manufacturing and business models.
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Composites 4.0: Where to start?

Sensors, IoT platforms, data analytics — the tools for more intelligent, efficient manufacturing abound, but where to start is actually much simpler.
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The first composite fuselage section for the first composite commercial jet

Spirit AeroSystems was an established aerospace supplier when it earned that distinction, winning the contract for the Boeing 787’s Section 41. Now its sights are set on the next generation of aircraft.
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Carving a niche via the new, the different and the difficult

Van Horn Aviation seized a real opportunity in helicopter blades, with little composites acumen but big desire. The rest is history worth reading.
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Plant Tour: Veelo Technologies, Woodlawn, Ohio, U.S.

Advanced materials company evolves from nanomaterials to multifunctional composites and processing solutions.
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Portable, lightweight active wheelchair design eases travel accessibility

Technical partnership to combine a revolutionary wheelchair design with composite materials and processes for a lightweight, travel-friendly product that promises 60% space savings.

Carbon Fibers

Combining AC and DC dielectric measurements for cure monitoring of composites

Lambient Technologies advances dielectric analysis (DEA) for more reliable, affordable composites manufacturing.
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Digital Demos

Braided carbon fiber & resin transfer molding for complex composites

Hawthorn Composites, a division of SpinTech Holdings Inc., reviews case studies of its high-value complex composites parts developed by deploying low-cost materials with resin transfer molding and novel manufacturing methods.

Shooting trouble

CW launches The Troubleshooter, a new column designed to help you identify, assess and correct the technical challenges that can plague composites manufacturing operations.


Composites protect subsea cables for offshore wind power

Balmoral uses FRP to improve installation, performance and service life while reducing cable failures in rough seas.
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Glass Fibers

Optimized fiber reinforcements, fabrics, NCFs

In this Digital Demo, Vectorply provides an overview of its fiber formatting capabilities and technical support operations.