One step closer to commercial spaceflight

CW senior writer emeritus Donna Dawson provides an eyewitness account of the launch and safe return to Earth of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo on the day of its first spaceflight.

Industry News

OceanGate CEO pilots carbon fiber submersible in 4,000-m solo dive
4,000-m dive is the culmination of a comprehensive testing program in preparation for the vessel’s planned 2019 Titanic Survey Expedition.

Mitsubishi Corp. enters shareholder agreement with ELG Carbon Fibre
The two companies aim to enhance global business development and provide a reliable supply of reprocessed carbon fiber.

Consortium works to develop biosourced composites from bamboo fiber
The BAMCO collaborative project aims to develop new biocomposites created from long bamboo fibres.

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Knowledge Centers

Automated tape laying (ATL) and automated fiber placement (AFP)
CGTech helps demystify the process of programming automated composite machinery by introducing the key components of machine independent off-line programming software.

Closed Molding
Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance provide you with the latest information about closed mold technologies and the advantages, techniques and opportunities that the closed mold process has over open molding.

CompositesWorld Magazine

December Issue
Leveraging Composites for Space Tourism

Automotive / Carbon Fiber

Filament winding, reinvented

Robots and digital technology deliver speed plus larger, more complex parts,
while generative 3D winding obviates mandrels and waste for automotive applications.

Automotive / Carbon Fiber

Pushing EVs forward
Multifunctional chassis design and novel composites processes enable lighter, longer-range, safer electric vehicles.


Granta MI Version 12 brings materials-enabled Digital Twin closer
Granta Design has announced GRANTA MI Version 12, the latest release of its materials information management software. 

SAERTEX introduces unidirectional fabric for for leaf springs
Processed in the RTM method, Ultra Fatigue UD is designed to be used with epoxy and PU resins and is well suited for high volume production.

Finepart waterjet system enables precise, non-thermal cutting

A micro abrasive waterjet system offers non-thermal micro cutting for composites in a variety of applications.

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