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Virtek Iris ActiveTrack: Bring Laser Projection Mobility To Your Tool

New Unmatched Laser Solution to aid in Streamlining Component Assembly Processes Now precise positioning guidance on mobile tools is possible with Virtek's newest software, IRIS™ ActiveTrack.


Increasing demand for composite driveshafts leads to automated production

California-based fabricator ACPT Inc. worked with machine suppliers to build an innovative semi-automated production line featuring an automated filament winder.

Arkema begins construction for new bio-based polyamide 11 facility 

New Singapore-based plant will represent a 50% increase in global polyamide 11 capacity for Arkema. Production will begin the first half of 2022.


DuPont to build new adhesives manufacturing facility

East China-based plant will support the growing demand for Betaforce TC and Betatech, Betaforce and Betamate adhesive technologies serving vehicle electrification and lightweighting applications.
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AniForm, Moldex3D develop interface tool for more accurate RTM prediction analysis

Interface enables users to consider forming-induced fiber reorientation in the RTM simulation model for a more accurate representation of the flow domain.

Additive Manufacturing

Ohio State CDME advances AM technology with Cincinnati Inc. MAAM printer

With an additive machine that prints ULTEM, PEEK and PEKK thermoplastics, university researchers and students expect to take 3D printing to new heights, including printing a fully functional turbine and internal combustion engines.


Gain in-depth knowledge in processes, products and technology from industry experts

Future Materials

"Future Materials" offers a collection of new materials, processes, and technologies gathered from a wide variety of sources including marine, aerospace, and automotive industries, plus some applied academic research and development.

Closed Molding

Closed mold processes offer many advantages over open molding. This knowledge center details the basics of closed mold methods and the products and tools essential to producing a part correctly.

Automated Composites

In the Automated Composites knowledge center, CGTech brings you vital information about all things automated composites, from the manufacturing processes to the vendors and necessary tools.



NCC unveils AFP/ATL dual system for large, complex structures

The hybrid cell, created in partnership with Electroimpact, can be used individually or together for automated composite manufacturing at a medium- to large-scale level.
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Epoxies |

Resin shortages continue to affect composites supply chain

Power outages caused by mid-February’s U.S. winter storms led to immediate shortages from Gulf Coast petrochemical companies. Fabricators continue to report shortages.


Episode 37: Ian Wilson, DASIS

Ian Wilson, CEO of Develop and Supply In-Sync (DASIS), talks about his history as a CNC specialist for Formula One and his introduction to composites manufacturing.
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Optimize Manufacturing and Mechanical Performance with Air Release, Fiber Wetting and Coupling Additives

BYK will present a range of additives that achieve this for various thermoset resins and discuss the underlying mechanism and selection of these additives.



Composites 4.0: Digital transformation, adaptive production, new paradigms

An evolving landscape of automation, sensors and AI software is not an end, but a means to achieve the cost, quality, efficiency and agility required for future manufacturing.  
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ZAero project update

The 2019 final review demonstrated integration of an automated CFRP process chain: AFP inline inspection and rework, cure and resin flow sensors, part performance prediction and a decision support tool for line operators.
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Digital thread vs. digital twin

Visualizing the difference between digital representations and data flows and understanding the applications that are changing composites manufacturing and business models.
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Composites 4.0: Where to start?

Sensors, IoT platforms, data analytics — the tools for more intelligent, efficient manufacturing abound, but where to start is actually much simpler.
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Plant Tour: Holland Composites, Lelystad, Netherlands

Balancing performance with affordable production, this industry veteran continues to explore composites’ infinite possibilities.
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Plant Tour: STELIA Aerospace, Méaulte, France

Supplier of Airbus fuselage sections pushes boundaries of hybrid aerostructures production, assembly and thermoplastic composites.
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The building of a composites manufacturing niche

Equipped to meet vertical needs with rapid turnaround, Rock Hill, SC’s Composite Resources has found the sweet spot between prototypers and large composites manufacturers.
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Z-direction composite properties on an affordable, industrial scale

Boston Materials uses milled reclaimed carbon fibers to increase modulus, impact/delamination resistance and produce metals-like conductivity for EMI shielding, lightning strike protection, heat exchangers and more.
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Design innovations improve efficiency of composite medical table

WIT-Composites' efforts to design a more effective all-composite surgical table led to development of complex components and an elastic carbon fiber material.
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Composites as auto-body reinforcements

Hybrid structural-reinforcement technology expands options, gains applications, markets.
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Best practices in the CNC machining of composites

Machining composite materials is a challenging task. Proper tool selection, machine settings and process innovations help make it manageable.
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Wing of Tomorrow ribs: One-shot, thermoplastic, OOA consolidation

GKN Aerospace’s carbon fiber thermoplastic aircraft rib design accomplishes 45-minute cycle times, reduced weight and competitive costs via a customized press system.
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Mold release solutions for automotive composites

In this Digital Demo, Axel Plastics reviews mold cleaning, sealing and release solutions for leading use in automotive composites manufacturing processes, including SMC, BMC and RTM.