Seemann Composites Inc. acquires Materials Sciences Corporation

Composites process innovator and materials engineering innovator formally combine forces.

Industry News

Altair announces SIMSOLID acquisition
SIMSOLID works on full-fidelity CAD assemblies for structural simulation without geometry simplification, cleanup or meshing.

Aston Martin and TenCate partner on Valkyrie hypercar
TenCate to supply advanced composite materials for a broad range of end-use applications throughout the car, including structural, cosmetic and high-temperature components.

Ford uses graphene to enhance durability, sound resistance and weight reduction

Ford has found a way to use small amounts of graphene in fuel rail covers, pump covers and front engine covers.

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Knowledge Centers

Automated tape laying (ATL) and automated fiber placement (AFP)
CGTech helps demystify the process of programming automated composite machinery by introducing the key components of machine independent off-line programming software.

Closed Molding
Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance provide you with the latest information about closed mold technologies and the advantages, techniques and opportunities that the closed mold process has over open molding.

CompositesWorld Magazine

October Issue
By land air and sea: Composites transport satellites


Advancing composites through virtual and augmented reality
A review of technologies that are bridging the technical divide between the virtual world of design and simulation, and the real-world of composites manufacturing and repair.

Automotive / Thermoplastics

Thermoplastic composites: Scenic view
First use of thermoplastic composite guide rails to replace aluminum brings many benefits to fixed-glass, roller-blind sunroof modules.


BriskHeat launches new PID temperature control panel
The MPC2 Multi-Point Digital PID Temperature Control Panel is configurable for a variety of applications and requirements, features auto-tuning control, and works with a range of surface heating products.

Verisurf releases software update
The latest update of Verisurf’s  automated quality inspection software is said to improve efficiency and quality.

PES additive boosts resistance to fracture and micro-cracking in epoxy composites
Often used by the aerospace industry for prepreg and resin-transfer molded carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy, the additive is gaining ground in epoxy composites for automotive and other markets.

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