Jeff Sloan Editor-in-Chief

Jeff Sloan has been editor-in-chief of CompositesWorld since 2006 and directs and manages all editorial content for all of the brand’s products, including printed magazine, digital content, newsletters, videos and podcasts. Jeff is a member of SAMPE and has appeared as a speaker at SAMPE conferences and CAMX as well as Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) meetings. He was co-chair of the Carbon Fiber 2019 conference. 

Prior to joining CompositesWorld, Jeff worked for 10 years as editor and then publisher of Injection Molding, Modern Plastics and Plastics Machinery & Auxiliaries magazines. Jeff has also worked as a technical writer, and is a 1990 graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in technical journalism.


Tow steering, Part 2: The next generation

By: Jeff Sloan

Wings on next-generation commercial aircraft will be longer, thinner, more aerodynamic and more efficient. They also are ideal candidates for the application of steered tows. One project aimed to design, fabricate and quantify a tow-steered wing skin.
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AZL Aachen webinar: Designing with thermoplastic composites

By: Jeff Sloan

AZL Aachen is hosting the fifth webinar in its Lightweight TechTalk series, titled, “Best Practices in Lightweight Design with Thermoplastic Composites” on Thursday, Jan. 28, 1:00-2:45 p.m. (13:00-14:45) CET.


Boeing shutters commercial composites R&D facility

By: Jeff Sloan

In an effort to trim costs, commercial composites R&D at Boeing’s Advanced Developmental Composites (ADC) center in Seattle is being distributed among other Boeing composites facilities in the Puget Sound region.
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What a difference a year makes

By: Jeff Sloan

If 2020 was bad, then 2021 can only be better. CW Editor-in-Chief Jeff Sloan discusses the promising and not-so-promising industry trends leading up to 2021. 

Urban Air Mobility

Joby Aviation acquires Uber Elevate

By: Jeff Sloan

As part of the agreement, Uber Elevate, which is developing an air taxi ridesharing service, will invest $75 million in Joby, which is developing an all-electric eVTOL that the company hopes will enter service in 2023.


Boeing conducts inspections of 787 composite inner fuselage skin

By: Jeff Sloan

Boeing reports that it is checking the flatness of inner fuselage skins on all undelivered 787s to verify structural integrity.
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Boeing adjusts 2021 787 production downward

By: Jeff Sloan

Persistent headwinds in international air travel have compelled Boeing to reduced 787 production from six to five per month by mid-2021.
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Mass Transit

The markets: Pressure vessels (2021)

By: Jeff Sloan

Demand for composite pressure vessels for storage of natural gas and hydrogen is expected to increase substantially over the next decade as OEMs and governments look for ways to reduce vehicle emissions.
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The markets: Construction (2021)

By: Jeff Sloan

The construction industry is an economy unto itself, and will be worth more than $15 trillion annually by 2030. More than 36 million new housing units will be required in the world’s 20 largest cities by 2025. Legacy materials dominate in this market, but the opportunities for composites are substantial, and growing.


The markets: Industrial (2021)

By: Jeff Sloan

Composites often must meet a certain aesthetic in applications where the consumer is the end user. But fiber-reinforced materials are just as valuable in industrial applications where corrosion resistance, high strength and durability are the performance drivers.
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The markets: Aerospace (2021)

By: Jeff Sloan

The coronavirus pandemic, a once-in-a-millennia global catastrophe, has depressed commercial air travel in unprecedented and disastrous ways. Implications start with the airlines themselves and trickle down to major airframers and the entire tier structure of the aerospace supply chain.
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And the winners are...

By: Jeff Sloan

As 2020 comes to an end, CW Editor-in-Chief Jeff Sloan takes a look at the stories over the last 12 months that garnered the most attention on the CW website.