Additive Manufacturing

Infinite Material Solutions presents water-soluble support material for 3D-printing capabilities

By: Grace Nehls

AquaSys 180 is compatible with high-temperature thermoplastics and holds an advantage for the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing process.
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Modernizing the mechanical rotor sail

By: Hannah Mason

Composites are key for Norsepower’s award-winning redesign of a century-old rotor sail for reducing carbon emissions on passenger and cargo ships.


Altair Inspire Mold simulates injection molding process to optimize manufacturability

By: Grace Nehls

Inspire Mold can evaluate manufacturability of new components at the outset of development, complete design iterations faster, reduce cost and other optimization features.


Hybrid, large-format additive tooling: Lighter, faster, less costly molds for big parts

By: Peggy Malnati

Additively manufactured cores, CFRP face skins produce large tools for prototype, low-volume aerostructure parts.
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Automated Composites Knowledge Center

By: Katelyn Arnold

Here, in the Automated Composites Knowledge Center, CGTech brings you vital information about all things automated composites.

Cloudy skies ahead for composites

By: Dale Brosius

In light of the uncertainty the composites industry faces, business travel, the supply chain and the inability to develop next-generation leaders are concerns to watch for leading into 2021.

Composites activity expansion quickens in October

By: Michael Guckes

Seasonal shipping rush sends supplier delivery reading higher, marking the first time since mid-2019 that the Index reported two consecutive months of expanding business activity.


Composites meet precision, weight goals for complex facade design

By: Hannah Mason

Brazilian fabricator Gatron manufactured 3,000 square meters of curved composite frames to support a 33-floor residential building.

Digital Demos

Next-generation aerospace mold release application

By: Jeff Sloan

Chem-Trend reviews three application techniques and strategies for its Zyvax® 1070W aerospace mold release system.


Italian student design team uses composites to improve automotive performance

By: Hannah Mason

Politecnico di Milano’s Formula SAE team worked with Exel Composites to transition to lighter, better-performing composite vehicle components.

Carbon Fibers

Q&A with Ethan Escowitz, CEO, Arris Composites

By: Jeff Sloan

Ethan Escowitz visits with CW Talks to discuss Arris Composites’ Additive Molding process.

Altair database center offers comprehensive material information

By: Grace Nehls

The Altair Material Database Center contain thousands of high-quality materials including polymers, metals and composites, directly connected to Altair’s and other major solvers.