Graphene 101: Forms, properties and applications

By: Hannah Mason

Graphene-enhanced composites find new applications across end markets as the supply chain continues to mature. 

Anker Stuy Composites introduces emission- and styrene-free gelcoat

By: Grace Nehls

The gelcoat product can be used like traditional gelcoats and hosts a range of additional benefits including lower theoretical consumption, high water resistance and more.


Building the Museum of the Future

By: Ginger Gardiner

FR composite panels provide structure, sealing and iconic facade for pioneering architecture in Dubai.
#insidemanufacturing #infrastructure

Digital Demos

Physical testing to characterize composites

By: Jeff Sloan

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments reviews use of static tests, impact tests, internal observations and fracture observations to assess and characterize the physical properties of composite parts and structures.


Vitrimers: The reprocessable thermoset

By: Jeff Sloan

Vitrimers are not classic thermosets and they are not classic thermoplastics, but they behave like both and as such offer the best of both worlds. CW catches up with Mallinda for an explanation.

Design & Tooling

AIMS Metrology introduces coordinate measurement machine for large parts inspection

By: Hannah Mason

Suited for composites applications in a range of industries, the Summit is engineered with a 5-axis scanning probe, REVO-2 sensors and options for automation.

Valuable data: From travelers to the as-built digital twin

Taking advantage of the electronic record proves to be of significant value to composite fabricator’s record-keeping process. 
#pastpresentandfuture #workforcedevelopment #automation


Composites Academy launches online training with hands-on exercises

By: Ginger Gardiner

Composites Expert and Institut de Soudure partner to provide interactive advanced composites training to students and professionals worldwide.

Picking up the pieces

By: Jeff Sloan

The multi-generational appeal and utility of LEGOs.

Exact Metrology offers RS6 laser scanner

By: Grace Nehls

The Hexagon laser scanner is designed for high-speed and accuracy scanning, and delivers full scanning performance for a versatile range of parts and surfaces. 


EV battery enclosure inspires material, process innovations

By: Hannah Mason

High unit volume and low weight requirements for electric bus battery enclosures fueled development of TRB Lightweight Structures’ specialized epoxy system and automated composites production line.
#electricvehicles #automation #focusondesign

Development of ASTM standards for composites: An insider’s perspective

By: Daniel Adams

According to Dan Adams’ inside perspective, two elements determine whether a proposed test method for composite materials becomes an ASTM standard.
#regulation #design-and-testing