CAMX 2018 preview: CoreLite

Appears in Print as: 'Balsa coating system to reduce resin uptake'

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CoreLite (Miami, FL, US) is featuring its next-generation PC11 Pro coating system for its BALSASUD core series. The PC11 Pro coating system was engineered to significantly reduce resin uptake during the lamination process by sealing the pores in the end-grain balsa wood sheet more effectively than the standard PC11 coating system. CoreLite says balsa core resin uptake was compared between the standard PC11 formulation and the newly developed PC11 Pro formulation against non-coated balsa. A typical sheet of non-coated balsa wood core will absorb roughly 1900g/m2 of resin during infusion. The standard PC11 formulation was able to reduce the resin uptake by up to 46% to 1020g/m2. The new PC11 Pro formulation is said to reduce resin uptake further, to 450g/m2. This coating, says CoreLite, can be used in wind, marine, rail, automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial applications. It is compatible with hand lay-up, vacuum bagging and infusion. Booth BB10.

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