Here, in the Automated Composites Knowledge Center, CGTech brings you vital information about all things automated composites. CGTech has over 30 years of NC Code simulation knowledge and is the most experienced machine-independent supplier for programming and simulating automated composites NC code. We work with many machine vendors and their unique, specialized processes. Each process has its place and each vendor their strengths, but collectively the field of automated composites manufacturing provides many benefits.


Benefits of Automated Composites Manufacturing

  • Increased part throughput
  • Reduced manufacturing defects
  • Increased process reliability and repeatability
  • Facilitates other automation and competitive advantage opportunities

Getting Started in Automated Composites

Manufacturing Processes

Automation of fiber deposition methods include Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Automated Tape Laying (ATL), and filament winding.

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Supporting Automation

Just as the deposition of composites material can be enhanced by automation, so too can supporting processes be improved by automation.

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More commercially available and capable inspection systems are prevalent than ever before, resulting in a recent shift of greater reliance on automated inspection methods.

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Machine Vendors

There are many hardware machine vendors that service the automated composite manufacturing industry.

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Tools for Automation

CGTech has specialized in providing the programming and simulation tools the composites manufacturing industry requires.

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White papers, videos, and articles covering a variety of topics related to automated composites manufacturing.

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