CAMX 2018 preview: TE Wire & Cable

Appears in Print as: 'Thermocouple assemblies for aerospace applications'

TE Wire & Cable is showcasing its pre-made thermocouple assemblies designed for demanding high-temperature aerospace autoclave applications.
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TE Wire & Cable is showcasing its thermocouple assemblies designed for demanding high-temperature aerospace autoclave applications. The company’s AccuClave-series products are said to provide labor savings, ease of installation/replacement, simple TRAC traceability and reduced non-conformances. The AccuClave autoclave thermocouple assemblies deliver high-accuracy temperature measurement and ensure that aerospace composites materials are properly cured during processing. They are available in temperatures ranging to 300°C/572°F, and are leak-proof and easily replaced after one or more uses.

TE Wire & Cable is also showcasing several of its other products. Its AccuFlex assemblies are low-profile flat thermocouple cable assemblies that come with TRAC traceability. TE Wire & Cable also has partnered with Plataine to develop its IIot Smart AccuClave thermocouples for use in lead/lag, load and tool thermocouples, out-of-autoclave temperature monitoring, oven curing, hot bonder thermocouples and autoclave processing. AccuClave-X autoclave thermocouple cable extensions bridge the long runs between thermocouples and instrumentation or jack panels. They are reusable, remaining in place in the autoclave, and are available in lengths of 10, 20 and 30 ft. AccuConnect assemblies are multi-circuit thermocouple extension cable harnesses that can be used to improve cable connectivity in autoclave applications. AccuConnect can be supplied as six, 12 or 24 cables terminated with a multi-pin connector on one end with free-floating, independent male or female connections at the opposite end. They are said to reduce autoclave setup time by up to 90% and are reusable. SkinTemp Flat Junction tool thermocouples have fiberglass construction rated for continuous use ranging to 510°C/950°F. They are used for a parallel fit on tools, and come in type J, K, T, N or E thermocouple. The Bayonet Junction with Twist & Lock Adapter has fiberglass construction rated for continuous use ranging to 510°C/950°F. It is used for constant contact on tools, and comes in type J, K, T or E thermocouple. SkinTemp and the Bayonet Junction are also available in FEP, PFA and polyimide. Booth K31. 


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