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How to: Getting the most from your mold release

Mold release specialist AXEL Plastics offers dos and don’ts for cleaning, stripping and preparing molds for composites manufacturing. (Sponsored)

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Why choose LSAM for large-format additive manufacturing?

Thermwood explores the features of LSAM, it’s large-format additive manufacturing system, including a product line summary, slicing software. (Sponsored)

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Applying UV-curable powder coatings to composites

Keyland Polymer UV Powder reviews the features, benefits and applications of its UV-curable powder coatings in a composites manufacturing environment.

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Advanced engineering thermoplastic adhesive hybrid resin

In this Digital Demo, L&L Products introduces T-Link, a new hybrid thermoplastic resin system, that does not require refrigeration or special handling and – being highly customizable – can be easily and quickly consolidated into a composite structure.

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Virtek Iris ActiveTrack: Bring Laser Projection Mobility To Your Tool

New Unmatched Laser Solution to aid in Streamlining Component Assembly Processes Now precise positioning guidance on mobile tools is possible with Virtek's newest software, IRIS™ ActiveTrack.


Mold release solutions for automotive composites

In this Digital Demo, Axel Plastics reviews mold cleaning, sealing and release solutions for leading use in automotive composites manufacturing processes, including SMC, BMC and RTM.

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Braided carbon fiber & resin transfer molding for complex composites

Hawthorn Composites, a division of SpinTech Holdings Inc., reviews case studies of its high-value complex composites parts developed by deploying low-cost materials with resin transfer molding and novel manufacturing methods.

Carbon Fibers

Optimized fiber reinforcements, fabrics, NCFs

In this Digital Demo, Vectorply provides an overview of its fiber formatting capabilities and technical support operations.

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Additive manufacturing/compression molding technology for next-generation composites

9T Labs’ deposition process places continuous carbon fiber only where necessary to save material, reduce waste, and more precisely control the structure of preformed composites.

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Integrating, optimizing automated laser projection solutions

Virtek Vision explores the latest developments of Virtek Iris 3D, the company’s vision-based laser projection system for composites layup and fabrication applications.