Toray Advanced Composites

Toray Advanced Composites
About Toray Advanced Composites Thermoset prepregs including OOA/VBO epoxies, cyanate esters and BMIs. Thermoplastic prepregs (Cetex), tooling prepregs (AmberTool) and our line of MicroPly film adhesives, composite surfacing films, and lightweight syntactics. Additionally, chopped-fiber BMC and compression molded part fabrication services.


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Wing of Tomorrow ribs: One-shot, thermoplastic, OOA consolidation

GKN Aerospace’s carbon fiber thermoplastic aircraft rib design accomplishes 45-minute cycle times, reduced weight and competitive costs via a customized press system.

Toray Advanced Composites expands thermoplastic composites capabilities

Grace Nehls CompositesWorld

High-heat laminate press enables consolidation of Toray Cetex reinforced thermoplastic composite laminates up to 400°C and produces 50% larger laminates for large-part geometry capabilities.

Report suggests up to $14.7 billion in eVTOL market growth by 2041

Grace Nehls CompositesWorld

The demanding requirements of electric-powered flight are said to offer a promising market for a host of new technologies, aviation-grade batteries, electric motors and composite materials being a few.

Toray, Joby Aviation finalize long-term carbon fiber supply agreement

Grace Nehls CompositesWorld

Toray carbon fiber materials will be used throughout the eVTOL aircraft structure, propulsion systems and interior components, with hopes to bring it to commercial operation as early as 2023.

Toray Advanced Composites

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