More from JEC World 2019

CW continues to share composites industry news, product releases and more as the editors unpack findings from JEC 2019.
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JEC World, the largest composites industry trade show, usually sets off an avalanche of news and product releases. This year’s big event was no different in that regard. 

One big announcement at made at the show was the name change of TenCate (Morgan Hill, Calif., U.S.) to Toray Advanced Composites, reflecting last year’s acquisition of TenCate by Toray (Tokyo, Japan). The company had several innovations on display including innovations in automotive, aerospace and thermoplastic composite recycling.


CW also got a look at an innovative helicopter blade mold created by Thermwood Corp. (Dale, Ind., U.S.) for Bell Helicopter (Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.). Thermwood employed its new 60-mm melt core technology to additively manufacture the autoclave-capable, carbon fiber-reinforced tool. Learn more about the project this recent CW blog post.


Stay tuned for more findings from JEC World 2019 in the days to come, as well as composites industry news, product releases and more.