Headed to CAMX 2017? Here's some of what you will find

CAMX 2017 is coming up, Sept. 11-14 in Orlando, FL, US. If you are headed to the show, CompositesWorld has gathered technology and product previews from several exhibitors to help you understand what you can expect to find at the event.
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CAMX, in its fourth year, is growing and expanding, and the quantity and quality of new products and technologies being introduced at the show is impressive. CompositesWorld asked exhibitors to tell us about the products they will feature, and the response has been tremendous.

The below list includes exhibitor name, a description of the technology or product being featured and a link to additional information. The exhibit hall at CAMX features more than 550 exhibitors offering a range of products, including resins, fiber reinforcements, machinery, tooling material, software, fabrication services, training services and more.

CAMX will be held Sept. 11-14, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, US. Exhibit floor hours are 9:30 am-5:00 pm, Tuesday, Sept. 12 and Wednesday, Sept. 13. Exhibit floor hours are 9:30 am-1:00 pm on Thursday, Sept. 14.

For more information about CAMX, including conference schedule, exhibitor list and registration, visit www.thecamx.org

  • A&P Technology
    A&P Technology is showcasing its line of braided fabrics, including QISO, a 0°/±60° balanced and symmetric quasi-isotropic fabric, and Bimax, an off-the-shelf ±45° bias fabric.
  • Abaris Training Resources
    Abaris Training Resources Inc. is highlighting its composites education programs as well as related engineering and technical service offerings.
  • Aligned Vision
    Automatic inspection is being featured in live demonstrations at Aligned Vision’s CAMX booth.
  • Arkema
    Arkema Inc. is featuring its liquid thermoplastic resins, under the brand Elium, which make it possible to produce continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic parts.
  • Applied Graphene Materials
    Applied Graphene Materials UK Ltd. is featuring its synthesized nanoplatelets (A-GNPs).
  • Armacell
    Armacell Benelux SA is showcasing its ArmaFORM PET product family.
  • A. Schulman
    A. Schulman Inc. is introducing its new Quantum LYTEX SF series of styrene-free, epoxy-based sheet molding compounds.
  • Autonational
    AUTONATIONAL Composites BV is featuring its solutions for filament winding for its customers from all over the world.
  • BASF
    BASF Corp. is featuring new carbon fibers for thermoplastics, short carbon fibers for lightweighting and natural fiber solutions for automotive use.
  • C. A. Litzler
    C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. is emphasizing its work on the design and manufacture of continuous process equipment for structural composites, carbon fiber production and industrial textiles.
  • Century Design
    Century Design Inc., a global supplier of prepreg machines and specialist composite processing equipment, is launching new research prepreg and towpreg machines.
  • CGTech
    CGTech is demonstrating the latest version of its VERICUT Composites Applications.
  • Cold Jet
    Cold Jet LLC is providing dry-ice cleaning demonstrations in its booth.
  • Composites One
    Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance, along with more than 20 industry and educational partners, is once again demonstrating the latest composites processes and sharing practical tips for working smarter, faster and more efficiently.
  • Convergent Manufacturing Technologies
    Convergent Manufacturing Technologies Inc. and its US-based partner Convergent Manufacturing Technologies US Inc. are demonstrating their turnkey digital manufacturing solutions.
  • Copps Industries/CompositeTechs
    Copps Industries and CompositeTechs LLC are emphasizing work they did together to promote development of a new series of high-performance epoxy formulations.
  • CoreLite
    CoreLite is emphasizing the performance, availability, traceability and support for its advanced balsa wood and foam core materials.
  • Dixie Chemical
    Dixie Chemical is featuring its range of anhydride curing agents, reactive diluents, tougheners, resins and bio-based raw materials.
    DUNA-USA Inc. is debuting its BLACK CORINTHO HT 800 high- temperature tooling board, which offers low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) at temperatures up to 400°F.
  • DUO Robotic Solutions
    DUO Robotic Solutions Inc. is introducing its DUO-Trim line, which offers robot selections for fixed and rotary tables, air and electric spindles, cold and ultrasonic knifes, and other applications.
  • EconCore
    EconCore is featuring its technology for the continuous production of honeycomb sandwich materials.
  • Engineered Fibers Technology
    Engineered Fibers Technology LLC is exhibiting a range of its precision short-cut fibers with lengths of 0.10 mm to several centimeters.
  • Epcon Industrial Systems
    Epcon Industrial Systems is featuring its industrial ovens and furnaces for curing, paint finishing, burn-out, heat treating, annealing and aging.
  • ExOne
    The ExOne Co. is showcasing its washout tooling process and Binder Jetting.
  • FARO Technologies
    FARO Technologies Inc. is exhibiting its TracerM laser projector, a versatile, scalable and flexible solution that can handle small- to-large volume applications.
  • French Oil Mill Machinery
    French Oil Mill Machinery Co. and TMP, A Division of French, are displaying their heavy-duty hydraulic presses for composites manufacturing.
  • General Plastics
    General Plastics Mfg. Co. is showcasing its new LAST-A-FOAM RF-2200, a lightweight material that provides an RF-transparent protective layer for radome and antenna applications.
  • Globe Plastics
    Globe Plastics is emphasizing its injection and transfer molded products and services.
  • GS Manufacturing
    GS Manufacturing is featuring its line of choppers, gelcoaters, granite spray systems and more.
  • HEATCON Composite Systems
    HEATCON Composite Systems is featuring its full line of hot bonders, heat blankets, repair tools and systems, prepregs, resins, honeycomb and bagging materials.
  • Hennecke
    Hennecke Inc. is emphasizing the composite license plate holder of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R, a 1300-cc, 170-hp, V-engine high-performance motorcycle.
  • IDI Composites
    IDI Composites International is showcasing innovations from its Structural Thermoset Composites (STC) line of molding compounds.
  • Imetrum
    Noncontact precision measurement specialist Imetrum is demonstrating its integrated material testing system, Universal Video Extensometer (UVX), designed for ease of use and fast throughput.
  • Innegra Technologies
    Innegra Technologies is highlighting its Innegra high-modulus polypropylene fiber, used in composite and textile applications to increase toughness, durability, damping and improve signal transmission.
  • Izumi International
    Izumi International Inc. is emphasizing its full line of winders, creels, warp and weft feeding, and tensioning devices for carbon fiber and other high-performance fibers.
  • L&L Products
    L&L Products is introducing Torque Retention, Isolation, and Sealing Solutions, an expandable, polymeric sealant material with embedded alumina rigid, non-conductive spacers.
  • LMT Onsrud
    LMT Onsrud LP is launching an all-new line of diamond film-coated cutting tools designed specifically for laminated carbon fiber materials.
  • MasterWorks
    MasterWorks, a Hexagon Composites Co., is displaying a range of composite products from the aerospace, commercial and oil/gas industries.
  • Material Sciences Corp.
    Materials Sciences Corp., an engineering design, manufacturing and testing firm, is exhibiting several technologies and products.
  • Matrix Composites
    Matrix Composites Inc., a designer and manufacturer of a range of high-performance composite components and assemblies, is emphasizing its design, development, tooling, fabrication, testing and integration services.
  • McClean Anderson
    Filament winding specialist McClean Anderson is emphasizing information on its Prototype, Education and Technology (PET) Center, devoted to research and development work and consumer education.
  • Michelman
    Michelman, a developer and manufacturer of fiber sizing and resin modifiers, is featuring new fiber sizing formulations, including solutions suitable for use with glass, carbon and other structural fibers.
  • Mikrosam
    Mikrosam is emphasizing automation equipment for fiber and tape placement, with multiple exchangeable heads.
  • Mokon
    Mold heating and cooling specialist Mokon is exhibiting its Full Range temperature control system, which  integrates either a water or an oil heating system with a select chiller.
  • Montalvo
    Web tension control specialist Montalvo is demonstrating single-web and multi-tow tension control solutions designed for composite manufacturing processes including prepreg, pultrusion, filament winding, converting and more.
  • Myers Mixers
    Myers Mixers is featuring information on its mixing and dispersing equipment for many processes, from simple blending to complex compounding.
  • N12 Technologies
    N12 Technologies Inc. is showing its NanoSitch sheet products, featuring vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNTs), which add toughness, impact resistance and fatigue tolerance to composites.
  • NONA
    NONA Composites is releasing its newest product line, the NONA Infusion Repair Kit, which is designed to provide everything needed for a fast, permanent, no-mess repair of composite parts.
  • NSF Center for Integration of Composites into Infrastructure
    The NSF Center for Integration of Composites into Infrastructure (CICI) at West Virginia University is emphasizing its advanced fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and techniques for rapid repair, upgrading, rehabilitation and replacement applications.
  • OEM Press Systems
    OEM Press Systems, a manufacturer of hydraulic presses, is featuring its robotic mold-handling systems, designed to reduce process cycle time and eliminate the lifting of molds by an operator.
  • Olympus
    Olympus (Waltham, MA, US) is featuring its EPOCH 6LT flaw detector, optimized for single-handed operation and high portability applications.
  • OMAX
    OMAX Corp. is highlighting the benefits and advantages of its abrasive waterjets to machine composites and advanced other materials.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory is showcasing several next-generation manufacturing technologies from the US Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL.
  • Pathfinder Cutting Techology
    Pathfinder Cutting Technology has invested heavily in research and development of composite handling systems and is demonstrating the latest release of its EasyFeeder system for the handling of fabric reinforcements.
  • PolyOne Advanced Composites
    PolyOne Advanced Composites is featuring its portfolio of continuous fiber thermoplastic and thermoset composite technologies.
    RAMPF Group is presenting its modeling and mold engineering materials, and its composites design, engineering and manufacture capabilities.
  • Renegade Materials/Maverick
    Renegade Materials Corp. and Maverick Corp. are emphasizing their composite materials for high-temperature aerospace applications. 
    SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions, a  supplier of adhesive solutions, is re-launching its POWERCAN dispensing system, in compliance with the fluorinated greenhouse gasses regulation 517/2014.
  • Scott Bader
    Scott Bader North America is featuring two new Crestomer grades added to its structural adhesives range.
  • Siempelkamp
    Composites machinery specialist Siempelkamp is featuring its compression equipment for sheet molding compound (SMC), phase change material (PCM), resin transfer molding (RTM) and thermoplastic forming.
  • S.M.R.E. SpA
    Cutting table manufacturer S.M.R.E. SpA is featuring the SM-381-TA, a high-performance table with a reduced footprint and an entry level price.
  • Stratasys
    Additive manufacturing and 3D printing specialist Stratasys is emphasizing the manufacture of molds and mandrels made with its fused deposition modeling (FDM) material and equipment.
  • Technical Fibre Products
    Technical Fibre Products is exhibiting new nonwoven materials.
  • TenCate Advanced Composites
    TenCate Advanced Composites is highlighting new thermoplastic and thermoset prepreg technologies. 
  • Textechno
    Textechno, a manufacturer of test equipment for fibers, yarns and rovings, is featuring ROVINGTEST, which measures the most important properties of rovings all at once.
  • Textile Products
    Textile Products Inc. is a specialty composite textile manufacturer, dedicated to the development and production of custom fabrics.
  • Thermwood
    Thermwood Corp. is exhibiting its line of 3- and 5-axis CNC routers as well as its new Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) systems.
  • Ventilation Solutions
    Ventilation Solutions is emphasizing its custom industrial ventilation systems for composite fabrication facilities as well as for the industrial manufacturing and warehouse industries.
  • Virtek
    Virtek Vision International Inc. is introducing to North America its Iris 3D laser templating and spatial positioning system with the company’s newest Vision Positioning System (VPS) technology.
  • VitaFlex
    VitaFlex is exhibiting its line of Soft-stretch Hoods for use when laying up glass fiber materials and when performing sprayup. 
  • Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research
    Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research Inc. is emphasizing its materials testing capabilities for the aerospace, automotive, medical and nuclear industries.
  • Zwick USA
    Zwick USA is displaying solutions for composites testing, including demonstrating a 100-kN AllroundLine universal testing machine that offers dual testing areas for maximum throughput.

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