CAMX 2017 preview: Epcon Industrial Systems

Appears in Print as: 'Industrial-Scale Ovens and Furnaces'

Epcon Industrial Systems (The Woodlands, TX, US) is featuring its industrial ovens and furnaces for curing, paint finishing, burn-out, heat treating, annealing and aging.


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Epcon Industrial Systems LP (The Woodlands, Texas) is featuring its industrial ovens and furnaces for curing, paint finishing, burn-out, heat treating, annealing and aging. Ovens can be gas-fired, oil-fired or electric, as well as conveyorized or batch type.

Epcon industrial furnaces are designed for powder coating, annealing, pre-bake, pre-heat. Drum furnaces can be gas-fired, oil-fired or electric and configured as car-bottom and box type. Air pollution control systems, for VOCs, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are custom-designed with direct-fired thermal oxidizers (also known as afterburners), regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs), recuperative thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidizers for VOC and NOx reduction. Booth Q61.

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