CAMX 2017 preview: Armacell

Originally titled 'PET-Based Structural Foam Core'

Armacell Benelux SA is showcasing its ArmaFORM PET product family.

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Armacell Benelux SA (Thimister-Clermont, Belgium) is showcasing its ArmaFORM PET product family. ArmaFORM PET Core is a 100% recycled PET-based (polyethylene terephthalate) structural foam core offered in densities of 4.1-20.0 lb/ft³ and thicknesses of 0.20 inch to more than 3 inches. ArmaFORM PET Foil is a thin, flexible PET sheet available in various thicknesses up to 0.2 inch, in densities of 4.4-18.7 lb/ft³ and tailor-made formulations in terms of stiffness and fire resistance. ArmaFORM PET MultiCore combines different densities in one foam core to improve impact and point load resistance. It offers what is said to be a unique combination of properties, including better strength-to-weight ratio, higher impact and point load resistance. The use of higher density layers allows for superior screw retention without additional reinforcement. ArmaFORM PET Beads are PET-based particle foams for the manufacture of ready-to-use 3D shaped parts on an industrial scale. PET Beads combine the high mechanical properties of structural foam cores with the advantages of particle foams and offer lightweight and strong 3D foam parts that are producible in any shape. Booth A49. 

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