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CAMX 2017 preview: Globe Plastics

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At Globe Plastics (Chino, CA, US) is emphasizing its injection and transfer molded products and services.


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At Globe Plastics Inc. (Chino, CA, US) is emphasizing its injection and transfer molded products and services. Globe specializes in the compression molding of medium to large thermoset components in dimensions up to 72 inchs long and 48 inches wide, at tolerances of ±0.001 inch. Globe is ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100 Rev. C certified. The company's injection molding services include engineering grade thermoplastics and thermosetting compounds, with emphasis on micro, miniature and small parts. Mold cavitation ranges from 1-63 cavities, with shot sizes ranging from 1 oz to 4 pounds. Thermosets in materials include BMC, TMC, SMC, DAP, Acoustacomp, epoxy and phenolic, using fiberglass and carbon fibers, plus a variety of thermoplastics. Booth R73.


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