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As Seen In CompositesWorld

all-electric bus

A clean technology for clean, zero-emissions buses
Monocoque composite body designed to support all bus loads.

MultiMech 18.0

MultiMech 18.0 features improved accuracy and speed
MultiMech 18.0 empowers engineers to perform faster, smarter and more realistic analysis of composites. 

Consolidating thermoplastic composite aerostructures in place, Part 1
After more than 30 years of development, in-situ consolidation is nearing its promise to eliminate fasteners and the autoclave, and enable an integrated, multifunctional airframe.

Webinar: Composite lightweighting with confidence
CompositesWorld is presenting a free ANSYS-sponsored webinar on Nov. 9 at 2 pm EST, titled "Composite Lightweighting with Confidence."

Converting the structural chassis to composites
Germany’s largest producer of GRP leaf springs for cars and trucks broadens its product range to CFRP stabilizer bars, which cut weight 50% vs. steel.

Software Update: Simulation saves
A look inside the increasingly well-equipped virtual toolbox for composite design, analysis, and manufacturing.

Tailored Fiber Placement: Besting metal in volume production
Affordable automated production of highly optimized preforms and parts.

Designing for high pressure: Large-diameter underground pipe
Careful analysis is needed to ensure success of buried composite piping for industrial applications.

Simulation technology for glass fiber composite design
Ticona Engineering Polymers has made "integrative simulation" technology available to improve the accuracy of computing fiber-reinforced components under load.

ANSYS seminar to emphasize composites design, modeling
The free event, March 13 at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, will cover modeling and design techniques for composite structures.

Carrier-capable, all-composite external fuel tank
Legacy product positions builder for a shot at an F-35 contract.

Laminate design/optimization software
Software developer Anaglyph Ltd. has announced the launch of Laminate Tools version 4.1.

Integrated engineering software
ANSYS and VISTAGY Inc. have announced the bidirectional integration of ANSYS 13.0 Composite PrepPost and FiberSIM 2010 composites engineering software.

Digital design, RTM update aircraft propeller
Second-generation type-certified propeller delivers for Cirrus Aircraft’s SR-22 at a more affordable price.

Metal-matrix composites used to lighten military brake drums
Century Inc.'s combination metal-matrix composite (MMC)/aluminum brake drum is a lightweight alternative to cast iron and steel brake drums in military vehicles.

Residential construction breakthrough: Composites find a home
Composite materials get the go-ahead for an unconventional but code-compliant California house.

Mr. Terrrible beauty shot

FEA facilitates custom megayacht design
Modeling software and design ingenuity meet vibration challenges in ocean-going luxury yacht. 

Composites analysis software updated
Firehole Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of Helius:MCT Version 2.0 for composites analysis, which includes ANSYS compatibility.


Regional buses boost CFRP in alternative energy
 Diesel-to-fuel-cell bus conversions signal potential niche for composites in public transit powertrains.

Proterra EcoRide bus from back

Team-built bus body bests all
OEM meets tight development schedule on superlight multipart molded shell to offset propulsion system weight in fuel cell-powered transit bus.

Fiber guide cards

Pultruding cost out of aerospace parts
 Design-for-manufacturing effort proves to be cost-effective for carbon/epoxy airfoil on expendable UAV.

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