MultiMech 18.0 features improved accuracy and speed

MultiMech 18.0 empowers engineers to perform faster, smarter and more realistic analysis of composites. 


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MultiMechanics (Omaha, NE, US) announced April 6 the release of MultiMech 18.0, a simulation platform that empowers engineers to perform faster, smarter and more realistic analysis of composites. 

The release reportedly contains several new features designed to improve accuracy, speed and ease of use, including:

  • Data compression algorithm, developed to speed up analysis time by 1,000x. This proprietary tool allows computations that used to take days in HPC systems to be solved in minutes, on a laptop.
  • Optimization capability, which can be used for both design optimization and microstructural model setup. Engineers simply need to provide MultiMech with a target mechanical response under different scenarios and the software will automatically find the microstructural design that best fits the desired response. This reduces the amount of time required to build microstructural models.
  • Native Abaqus integration, allowing Abaqus users to easily convert their models to multiscale without learning a new software tool. Abaqus users can now analyze behavior at the microstructural level and test the robustness of their designs by evaluating the effect of manufacturing-induced microstructural defects, thus enhancing their structural analysis and allowing them to get more accurate results.

“We are very excited to release MultiMech 18.0,” says Flavio Souza, president and CTO of MultiMechanics. “Major improvements have been achieved with this release. As an example of the speed increases, a very complex 3D multiscale FE model with progressive damage that used to take almost 30 days to run can now be solved in about 30 minutes.”

Along with ANSYS (Canonsburg, PA, US) and Dassault Systémes’ SIMULIA (Waltham, MA, US), MultiMechanics will host a series of webinars that will cover the new features and MultiMech 18.0’s integrations. Visit www.multimechanics.com to learn more.