Strata to manufacture compression-molded components for Pilatus PC-24

Strata to deliver composite engine mounting flaps, as well as the horizontal flap and conical stabilizer of the aircraft's tail per a seven-year deal.


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Pilatus PC-24 jet.

Photo Credit: Pilatus

Under a new agreement, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. (Stans, Switzerland) will award three additional contract packages to Strata Manufacturing Co. (Strata, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates), which will manufacture parts for the PC-24, the twin-engine Super Versatile Jet, over a period of seven years, with two packages to manufacture the engine mounting flaps, the horizontal flap of the aircraft’s tail and the conical stabilizer for the tail. This agreement follows Strata and Pilatus’ initial partnerships when the two companies signed an agreement to manufacture the PC-24 belly fairings and flap track fairings. This is the first time the manufacture of composite parts via compression molding has taken place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The agreement comes in implementation of the requirements of the Economic Balance Program, which aims to provide economic, social and strategic benefits for the UAE. The Equilibrium Economic Council signed a qualitative agreement with Pilatus to enable Strata Manufacturing, a company that specializes in manufacturing airframe parts from composite materials, to obtain additional production lines for the PC-24 aircraft.

The agreement was signed by Mattar Ali Al-Rumaithi, CEO of the Economic Development Unit at the Economic Balance Council, Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata Manufacturing Co. and Johan van Neuenhausen, director of Industrial Participations in the Swiss company, Pilatus, in the presence of a number of officials from all parties.

Matar Ali Al-Rumaithi, CEO of the Economic Development Unit in Tawazun, says in a joint press release issued after the signing of the agreement that this project reflects the serious endeavors of the Economic Balance Council and its commitment to providing innovative and diversified solutions for the institutions and companies involved in the state’s defense procurement program that ensure the interests of all parties and contribute to support the process of development in the UAE.

Al-Rumaithi stresses that the agreement strengthens the prestigious position that the UAE has reached in the aviation industry, emphasizing that the Economic Balance Program will continue to contribute effectively to supporting the national economy based on diversifying sources of income and enabling local suppliers to engage in the global supply chain, leading to a sustainable economy based on technological progress. The agreement also emphasizes innovation, pointing to the keenness of the Economic Balance Council to support the transfer of technology and advanced technology and attract them to the local market in order to employ them according to the UAE’s strategic needs.

Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata Manufacturing, says that this agreement heralds a next step towards a long-term partnership aimed at providing new production lines with different manufacturing technologies to Strata.

He adds that Pilatus is one of the most important parts of the global network of partners, and this agreement confirms the advanced technological competencies that characterize Strata in the global supply chain of the aviation sector, which includes components made proudly in the UAE. The agreement also indicates the great confidence that Pilatus attaches to Strata's manufacturing capabilities and its supervisor record of adhering to product delivery schedules for a full decade of its history in pioneering the manufacturing of airframe parts in the UAE.

Strata has been able, through the balance program, to sign many partnerships with the most important aircraft manufacturers in the world, such as Boeing and Airbus. The contract with Pilatus will enhance Strata’s position as a major contributor to global-added value chains by providing Emirati-made products.

Roman Emminger, VP of Manufacturing, Pilatus, says that the success in producing the PC-24 belly surfaces and the progress being made in the manufacture of fender surfaces clearly demonstrate the high efficiency of Strata's performance.

He adds: “We are proud that one of the packages contributes to establishing a new possibility for Strata to manufacture composite materials using hot pressure technology for the first time in the United Arab Emirates.” He affirms Pilatus’ commitment to strengthening its relations with the UAE, which dates back more than thirty years, as the company has been supporting the country's air force with PC-21 and PC-24 training aircraft and establishing a center of excellence in aviation industries to serve global markets.

He believes that the manufacture of the engine mounting flaps, the horizontal flap for the tail of the aircraft and the conical stabilizer for the tail of the aircraft, which contain flight control mechanisms and hot-pressure capabilities, all confirm Strata’s distinction as one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture of composite materials.

The Economic Balance Council had announced last year the new policy of the economic development program, which provides many investment options for strategic partners from global defense companies and suppliers in the defense and security sector, as part of its efforts to be the main enabler for the sustainable military and security industry in the UAE. Further, through the necessary inputs, the Council hopes to develop industry and work to provide an appropriate legal environment, in order to create an effective military and security industry sector that contributes to the state’s economic development.