Strata Manufacturing delivers first Pilatus PC-24 flap track fairings shipset

This delivery marks the initial success of an expanded agreement between Strata and Pilatus announced in May 2019.
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Pilatus PC-24

Pilatus PC-24. Source | Strata


Composite aerostructures manufacturer Strata Manufacturing (Strata; Al Ain, United Arab Emirates) reports the delivery of its first shipset of flap track fairings for the PC-24, the twin-engine Super Versatile Jet produced by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. (Stans, Switzerland). This delivery, comprising 22 components, marks the initial success of an expanded agreement between Strata and Pilatus announced in May 2019. Strata aims to deliver the next 40 shipsets of flap track fairings, comprising 880 components, this year.

The partnership between Strata and Pilatus began in April 2018 when the two companies signed a long-term agreement to manufacture the PC-24 belly fairings.

Strata Manufacturing PC-24 fairings

Source | Strata Manufacturing

The PC-24, Pilatus’ new class of bespoke business jet, is specifically engineered to take off and land from unpaved runways, to bring unparalleled access to locations not usually accessible by air.

“The delivery of the first complete PC-24 flap track fairing shipset in just eight months after contract signature in May last year is a very significant milestone that again demonstrates the capabilities and performance of Strata,” says Roman Emmenegger, vice president of manufacturing at Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.

“As we continue to expand our capabilities and business portfolio from our state-of-the-art facility in Al Ain, we intend to further strengthen our partnership with Pilatus and underline our credential as a true UAE success story with a vision to become a global frontrunner in this field,” says Ismail Ali Abdulla, CEO of Strata.

Strata works with leading aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Leonardo and Pilatus. Strata says its advanced technological operations and growing local capabilities underline its commitment to venture into new territories and explore opportunities that drive its global business forward. Through purposeful collaboration and technological leadership, Strata continues to showcase its evolving manufacturing capabilities. 

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