Grace Nehls Assistant Editor

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Miami University in Oxford, OH, Grace Nehls joined the CompositesWorld team in April 2020 as assistant editor. She has been an editorial intern for two independent publishing presses and marketing director for one of Miami’s magazine publications. 


Agility Prime completes Joby eVTOL airworthiness evaluation report

By: Grace Nehls

The U.S. Air Force’s initiative to accelerate the vertical aircraft market lays the groundwork for the use of Joby’s eVTOL equipment for military missions.
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Tech Table: Compression molding machines

By: Grace Nehls

CW’s third Tech Table represents compression molding machine data collected from information provided by suppliers. 


Boeing, Airbus announce Q3 delivery results

By: Grace Nehls

Year to date (YTD), Airbus has delivered a total of 341 commercial aircraft, Boeing 98 aircraft. Numbers still clearly reflect the negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the industry.
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Toray annual report anticipates subpar earnings until 2022

By: Grace Nehls

Although Toray’s carbon fiber and composite materials segment showed growth in fiscal 2019, pandemic-driven headwinds in fiscal 2020 are steering the company toward wind, UAM and energy-related markets.


Autoflight premiers carbon fiber eVTOL aircraft

By: Grace Nehls

The V400 Albatross eVTOL aircraft has a canard layout design and the whole machine body incorporates carbon fiber for lighter weight, strength and rigidity. 


Hybrid Air Vehicles joins Telecom Infra Project

By: Grace Nehls

Retaining a large payload and long endurance capabilities, the company’s Airlander aircraft has the potential to improve internet connectivity for millions of people.


All-composite EV wheel moves to next development phase

By: Grace Nehls

U.K. consortium partners’ ACRIM II project aims to develop a low-cost, lightweight, all-composite wheel for electric vehicle applications.
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Vestas wins 443 MW landmark deal in the U.K.

By: Grace Nehls

Located on the Shetland Islands in the Northern Atlantic, the landmark deal will be Vestas’ largest single wind park in Europe to date.
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Novo Navis develops process to manufacture 3D woven, machinable carbon fiber

By: Grace Nehls

The ability to create solid blocks of woven carbon fiber presents the opportunity to create complex load bearing structures for aerospace applications.


EHang 216 AAV obtains Special Flight Operations Certificate

By: Grace Nehls

The certificate issued by the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) will enable routine trial flights in Québec, Canada.

Design & Tooling

Tech Table: Mold release agents

By: Grace Nehls

A table of mold release agents collected from data provided by suppliers. 
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Mass Transit

Composites suppliers, fabricators respond to coronavirus

By: Hannah Mason

Companies across the composites industry supply chain share how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their businesses, and how they are available to help.
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