Plataine, iSpecc partner, expand U.K. presence

Collaboration enhances Plataine’s footprint in the U.K. advanced manufacturing industry, with a focus on IoT, Industry 4.0 and other AI-based solutions.
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Photo Credit: NCC

Plataine (Waltham, Mass., U.S.), announced its partnership with iSpecc Ltd. (Shrewsbury, U.K.) in July, to further establish its growth in the U.K. advanced manufacturing industry. With iSpecc’s innovative solutions — including turnkey equipment, control systems and manufacturing optimization using IIoT technologies — and its close association and understanding of the U.K.’s advanced composites market, Plataine felt the company was an ideal partner to enhance Plataine’s footprint in this sector and achieve its objectives.

 iSpecc has experience offering consultancy with real insight, ROI (Return on Investment) analysis and guidance on advanced controls for Industry 4.0 and improving operations efficiency and increasing productivity. Plataine says that together, with its software solutions and support of advanced manufacturers toward a digital transformation journey, this partnership will greatly assist manufacturers to shorten manufacturing cycles and significantly improve their operations.

This synergy between iSpecc and Plataine will also create significant value for U.K. advanced manufacturers by offering a holistic solution, including consultation by a U.K.-based expert, industry 4.0 AI-based solutions, factory analysis and recommendations on how to transform into a digital factory.