Plaitaine IIoT solution improves Brazilian facility's manufacturing operation

The integration of Plataine’s solution into Alestis Aerospace’s Brazilian facility automates production workflow, optimizes cut-planning processes, saving time, cost and material.


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Alestis Aerospace selects Plataine's IIoT solution

Photo Credit: Plataine

Alestis Aerospace (Sevilla, Spain) provider of aerostructures, reported on Oct. 7 that it selected Plataine’s (Waltham, Mass., U.S.) Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for manufacturing optimization at its composite part manufacturing facility Alestis do Brasil (Brazil). Aleister Aerospace says it selected Plataine due to its technical reputation and track record for the deployment of IIoT solutions at various companies in the aerospace parts manufacturing sector.

According to Alestis, Plataine’s solution will automate the production workflow and optimize cut-planning processes, delivering significant time savings and improved material yield, crucial in challenging times of uncertain supply of raw materials and cost pressures. This, turn, is said to improve quality and quality control, while reducing production delays by removing the risk of inefficiencies and human errors. Overall, it is said Plataine’s solution will achieve significant improvement in manufacturing cycles.

Another advantage Aleister concludes with the deployment includes automated record keeping and reporting that eliminates manual paperwork, allowing complete traceability from raw material to end-product, with the digital thread.

The Plataine solution was seamlessly integrated with Alestis’s existing IT systems and will take pending work orders and on-hand inventory into account, dynamically adapting to the changing manufacturing constraints at the Brazilian facility. The deployment, which was carried out swiftly and completely remotely, caused zero downtime at Alestis do Brasil, and was in line with the new policy to minimize site visits to the factory.

“In increasingly uncertain times imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important for us to become as lean and as efficient as possible. I am confident that Plataine’s solution will help us maintain our position as a cutting-edge supplier to the global aerospace industry, and will allow us the agility needed to adapt and thrive in times of unexpected crisis, such as the one we are living through today,” says Carlos Alberto Daluz, CEO of Alestis do Brasil.