FACC composite technology plays role in new Pearl 15 Engine

FACC has supplied composite components for bypass ducts for Rolls-Royce’s new Pearl 15 aircraft engines.

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FACC (Innkreis, Austria) reavealed July 9 that Rolls-Royce’s (London, UK) new Pearl 15 aircraft engine features FACC technology. FACC supplies the bypass ducts for the turbofan engines, which will be installed in Bombardier’s latest long-range jets Global 5500 and Global 6500.

“After an intensive phase of component development, successful engine tests and ongoing flight test programs, we are proud to supply our customer Rolls-Royce with advanced composite components also in its latest Pearl engine family. Thus, we have demonstrated again that our worldwide customers can count on the high quality and innovative technologies of FACC,” says Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC. 

Through the supply of lighter components and acoustic elements, FACC plays a role in increasing the efficiency of the engines. A weight-bearing structural element was manufactured for the engine and the pylon that serves as an outer aerodynamic boundary of the secondary air stream. It also acts as a sound absorber and allows for maintenance access to the turbine.