Axiom Materials expands CMC product portfolio under technology license

Axiom’s expansion into c/SiC and SiC/SiC composite intermediates is licensed under the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), NITE and more.
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Source | Axiom Materials

Axiom Materials (Santa Ana, Calif., U.S.) a company that globally develops and produces oxide-oxide ceramic matrix prepregs, reported on July 24 that it is expanding its ceramic matrix composite (CMC) product portfolio with carbon/SiC and SiC/SiC composite products under a new technology license.

Licensed under Japan-based Nano-Infiltration and Transient Eutectic-phase Corp. (NITE), the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), a spin-off company from the R&D activities of Kohyama Laboratory at Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo and Muroran Institute of Technology (MuIT), Axiom says it is able to expand its offerings over a complete spectrum of CMC materials for aerospace and industrial structural applications with service temperatures up to 1400°C. Further, the expanded portfolio is said to put the company in a lead position to supply SiC/SiC materials for scientific and industrial nuclear plant applications where NITE technology has achieved a global recognition.

Axiom Materials notes that static components of jet engines and automotive or aircraft disk brake applications are among the main areas that c/SiC composites are used for. Aerospace applications of SiC/SiC materials are said to include aircraft jet engine power systems, rocket engine components requiring excellent resistance to high temperature, creep and high corrosion/erosion in a complex static and dynamic stress/strain environment. Industrial applications of SiC/SiC composites can be found in nuclear energy, the petrochemical industry, chemical, geothermal and combustion plants and transportation.

Axiom says it was acquired by Kordsa (Istanbul, Turkey) in early 2018, a former supplier and technical partner of the company in the field of textile reinforcement technologies. Axiom’s merger with Kordsa is said to have brought together Axiom's material innovation and Kordsa's operational expertise, and both companies continue to scale the business in advanced composite material technologies.

Axiom Materials continues to express its commitment to growing itself in the composites market. “Having invested for the scaled commercialization of ox/ox CMC composite materials, the JST and NITE agreements bring us composite material technologies that are compatible with our equipment, expertise and test capabilities. We are excited to bring these technologies to maturity in the high-temperature advanced composites market,” says John Lincoln, Ph.D, and president of Axiom Materials.