Axiom Materials opens High-temperature Composite Center

The 3,500-square-meter facility expands the U.S.-based company’s CMC production capabilities to support increasing demand in aerospace and industrial applications.
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Johnny Lincoln, president of Axiom Materials

“On behalf of our entire team, I am very excited to announce our High-temperature Composites Center. This is an important step for us, as we are currently supplying high-temperature composite products on multiple programs in both aerospace and industrial sectors, and expect meaningful growth in both,” says Johnny Lincoln, president of Axiom Materials Inc. (pictured). Source | Kordsa


Axiom Materials (Santa Ana, Calif., U.S.), which was acquired by Kordsa (Istanbul, Turkey) in 2019, has inaugurated a 3,500-square-meter facility for the development, analysis, and production of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) materials. The High-Temperature Composite Center (HTCC) is intended to enhance Axiom Materials’ CMC production capabilities to support increasing demand for high-temperature composites in aerospace and industrial applications.

The HTCC is slated to include specialized prepreg coaters designed to produce both unidirectional and woven products for high-temperature composite applications. The Center will also house dedicated quality and R&D laboratories with ceramic-capable test equipment, dedicated ISO Class 8 cleanroom for prepreg layup, and autoclave curing and sintering capabilities to produce developmental and certification panels. The facility is intended to isolate Axiom Materials’ high-temperature prepregs from other products lines, due to the special manufacturing and technical sensitivities of the products.

“...The acquisition of Axiom Materials is a major step in our growth strategy as we pursue advanced composite technologies for aerospace as well as next-generation industrial and transportation applications,” says Murat Arcan, COO of Composites, Construction Reinforcement and Business Development at Kordsa. “Axiom Materials reshapes the composite industry with their R&D activities, especially in the area of high-temperature composites. Through these contributions, the company will continue to contribute to the advanced composite technologies for next-generation industrial and transportation applications. With the full support of our composite operations and expertise, there is little doubt about that Axiom will continue to lead the way in oxide-oxide CMC and related products with the High Temperature Composites Center.”

“While oxide-oxide and related high-temperature composites have traditionally been deployed for specific requirements such as thermal resistance, weight, low creep, low corrosivity, or low dielectric properties, application engineers are now recognizing the complete value they provide, including greenhouse gas reduction, improved fuel efficiencies, noise reduction and resistance to long-term environmental degradation,” says Johnny Lincoln, Ph.D., president of Axiom Materials Inc. “These values, alongside our cost-down strategies, have created higher demand for our high-temperature composite materials. The establishment of this center shows that we are serious about our commitment to the market’s growth and toward ensuring we have the capacity, test capability and material & process engineering expertise required to continue to qualify and support future programs.”

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