Farécla polishing and finishing compounds offer improved finishes and application ease

Appears in Print as: 'Cutting, polishing and finishing compounds improve application ease and enhanced shine'

Norton|Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ Farécla line is designed to enhance shine on painted surface, gel coats and wood lacquers, and can be applied to finished composites.


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Farécla line offers cutting, polishing and finishing compounds.

Photo Credit: Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives

Abrasive manufacturer Norton|Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Worchester, Mass., U.S.) introduces its Farécla line of polishing compounds and surface finishing products for a wide range of markets such as the automotive, marine and composites industry. Designed to enhance shine on painted surface, gel coats and wood lacquers, the line can be applied to finished composites such as boat hulls.

Tiered according to gloss level and performance (best, better and good), the Farécla line includes cutting, polishing and finishing compounds, as well as application accessories. The compounds are easy to apply and will not run. Its abrasive technology are said to removes sanding marks permanently to avoid costly rework, and can work on a variety of different substrates and paints. To protect finishes against UV rays and provide a high gloss, a water-resistant, polymer UV wax can be applied.

According to the company, the Farécla Profile Advanced Plus Liquid Compound is the best tier product with the highest level of cut and gloss for painted surfaces and wood lacquers. Sanding marks can be removed up to P1500. In the better tier offering, Profile Advanced will remove scratch patterns to P1500 and produce finer finishes on clearcoats, polyurethane lacquers and painted surfaces when used with a twisted wool pad. Profile Select, the good tier offering, is well suited for OEM marine and composite applications as a cutting compound, and is able to remove sanding marks up to P800 and finer.

For finishing, Profile Finish Liquid Compound is said to be an economical solution featuring low viscosity. Its formulation removes swirls and holograms easily and quickly, enhancing color for a high shine finish. Offering improved protection, Farécla Profile Polymer Wax delivers a high gloss finish with excellent evenness and real transparency on dark colors.

Most of the compounds are available in liter and gallon containers; Advanced Plus and Profile Select are offered in up to five-gallon containers.

A full complementary line of back-up pads is also available in flat, dimple and waffle faces and densities for an improved application process and final shine. Both three-inch and eight-inch foam pads are industry standards; a wool option can improve the cut on certain compounds.


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