Plastics Unlimited expands production facility

The company is adding 30,000 square feet to its Iowa facility, increasing capacity for its Tool-less Engineered Composites process, composites tooling and new customer projects.


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Plastics Unlimited composites production facility expansion

Construction of the company's new facility expansion began this summer. Source | Plastics Unlimited


Plastics Unlimited Inc. (Preston, Iowa, U.S.) has announced a 30,000-square-foot expansion to its Iowa manufacturing facility, with construction currently underway and expected to be completed this fall. When completed, the facility will total 130,000 square feet. The company also plans to hire an additional 15 employees, bringing the total to almost 100.

The company says that the expansion will increase production capacity for its Tool-less Engineered Composites process (see more on this process in “Combining plastics and composites for Class A parts without tools” and Plastic Unlimited’s CAMX 2019 exhibit preview) as well as a patent-pending composites process. The company is also increasing its capacity for creating composites tooling with new five-axis CNC machines. 

With the new space, the company plans to add new projects and increase its production for companies including John Deere, Harley Davidson and Procter & Gamble.


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