Kordsa supplies carbon fiber fabric for TRB EV battery enclosure production

Kordsa’s supply of carbon fiber fabric offers additional electric vehicle lightweighting opportunities for TRB Lightweight Structures. 


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TRB EV battery enclosure outline

Photo Credit: Kordsa

Kordsa (Izmut, Turkey) has recently secured an agreement with TRB Lightweight Structures (Huntingdon, U.K.), a global high-volume composites manufacturing company, to supply carbon fiber fabrics for TRB’s mass production of composite battery enclosures for electric vehicles (EVs) (see CW’s coverage of TRB’s CFRP electric vehicle battery enclosure design).

The project was initiated at TRB facilities in the U.K., and will continue at the company's U.S. facilities in Kentucky, where Kordsa will supply the carbon fiber fabrics via its U.S.-based company, Fabric Development Inc. Kordsa reports it has been sending shipments to the U.K. since November 2020.

“Through this project, we are now reinforcing a wider area of life with our new collaborations in the field of composites,” says Kordsa CEO Ali Çalışkan. “This valuable supplier agreement with TRB will enable the use of our carbon fiber fabrics in EV battery packs, helping reduce their weight without compromising their quality. We are pleased to work with TRB, with whom we share a similar vision for the future — to contribute to the world's successful transition to sustainable transportation.”