Bucci Composites in Italy restarts operations

After a three-week shutdown caused by coronavirus outbreak in Italy, this composites fabricator returns to work (carefully).


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Bucci Composites, Faenz, Italy, molding post-lockdown

Source | Bucci Composites

CompositesWorld reported on March 25 the challenges Bucci Composites (Faenza, Ravenna, Italy) faced as the country shut down amidst the coronavirus outbreak. On March 24 Bucci ceased operations altogether.

Now, says Andrea Bedeschi, general manager of Bucci Composites, the company has been cleared to resume operations. “The Italian situation is slowly getting better,” says Bedeschi. “The Italian government issued new provisions for companies. Although the majority will remain closed till May 4, some companies can restart. In Italy each company is identified by an 'Ateco' code that identifies the type of manufacturing each company does. Our code is enabled to restart.”

Bucci Composites, Faenza, Italy, taking temperature

Source | Bucci Composites

Approximately 60-70% of Bucci’s employees will return to work. It will have a soft start, managing the activities on several shifts, in order to minimize the number of people interacting in the facility.

All employees will be trained on how to avoid risks and they will be asked to wear the masks as all times. Throughout the facility are distancing and cleanliness instructions. Hand sanitizer also is now available throughout the plant, especially at courier points for materials receiving and shipping.

Meetings with external people are still forbidden. Some administrative employee will continue to work from home, with occasional visits to the office.

Bucci Composites, Faenza, Italy, physical distancing

Source | Bucci Composites

Bedeschi says Bucci will fabricate products for stock in order to be ready to immediately satisfy customer orders when they restart. The company also will attempt to recover three weeks of production lost to the lockdown.