Video: Manufacturing the Future With Composites

CAMX 2018 showcased a video giving attendees a glimpse of the future through the eyes of the composites industry and illustrating the way advanced materials are being used to improve our lives.
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One of the highlights from CAMX 2018 was a video that gave attendees a glimpse of the future through the eyes of the composites industry. It gives a great overview of how composites have the potential to continue improving our lives in so many areas from improving aging infrastructure to advancing transportation to renewable energy to aerospace. The video features Dave Cooper, VP, Glass Reinforcements at Owens Corning (Toledo, OH, US) and Leon Garoufalis, president & COO at Composites One (Arlington Heights, IL, US)  discussing composites applications, innovations, sustainability, growth and the future of the industry. 



  • The markets: Pressure vessels (2020)

    High-pressure gas storage vessels represent one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets for advanced composites.

  • Team-built bus body bests all

    OEM meets tight development schedule on superlight multipart molded shell to offset propulsion system weight in fuel cell-powered transit bus.

  • Composite flywheels: Finally picking up speed?

    A wave of new composite flywheel developments for bus, rail, auto, heavy truck, construction equipment, and power grid support promises fuel savings, improved efficiency and reduced emissions — i.e. sustainability in the global quest for more energy.