Mold release solutions for automotive composites

In this Digital Demo, Axel Plastics reviews mold cleaning, sealing and release solutions for leading use in automotive composites manufacturing processes, including SMC, BMC and RTM.


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In this Digital Demo, Scott Waterman, global sales director for Axel Plastics, outlines the range of internal and semi-permanent external mold releases available from the company for use in automotive composites manufacturing to help facilitate high-rate, high-quality production. Waterman first summarizes the strippers, cleaners, primers and sealers the company manufactures and the role each plays in good mold maintenance. Waterman then provides a guide to the variety of mold releases Axel manufactures, including internal mold releases for use with epoxy, phenolic, vinyl ester, polyester and polyurethane resin systems. He also summarizes internal mold releases for pultrusion, internal and external mold releases for sheet molding compound (SMC), internal and external mold releases for automotive headliner fabrication, and external semi-permanent mold releases for fabrication of polyurethane/honeycomb automotive load floor structures.

Axel Plasics.

Photo Credit: Axel Plastics