Owens Corning and Thought3D collaborate on adhesive for composite 3D printing filament

Magigoo PP-GF aids in the first layer adhesion for challenging prints using XSTRAND GF30-PP.


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Thought3D (Malta) recently announced the launch its line of smart adhesive formulations designed specifically for 3D printing. The adhesives are designed to work with a heated bed, sticking when the bed is hot and to release as soon as it cools down, reportedly increasing reliability as well as throughput.

As part of the adhesive line, Magigoo PP-GF was specifically designed in collaboration with Owens Corning (Toledo, OH, US) to work with their XSTRAND GF30-PP material, which is composed of 30% glass fiber and a polypropylene filament for 3D printing. XSTRAND GF30-PP is used for production of tooling and end use parts aimed for transportation, electronics, appliances and equipment and sports industries and Magigoo PP-GF aids in the first layer adhesion for challenging prints using the material.