Dual linear-servo two-component dispensing meter for composite filling

Appears in Print as: 'Dual linear-servo two-component dispenser'

Nordson Sealant Equipment’s Micro-Meter D2K  is a small, light and easy-to-mount two-component meter for composite filling and other applications.


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Nordson dispenser

Micro-Meter D2K dispenser. Source | Nordson


Nordson Corp. (Amherst, Ohio, U.S.), a supplier of precision technologies for material dispensing, has developed a product family of small-volume dispensers for one-and two-component ambient-temperature materials. 

The Nordson Sealant Equipment Micro-Meter 2K series is a family of durable two-component meters for dispensing small volumes of material with precision ratio and volumetric output control. The Micro-Meter D2K is a small, light and easy-to-mount two-component meter that reportedly does not sacrifice any volumetric accuracy in the dispense process. The Micro-Meter D2K is a dual linear-servo two-component dispensing meter for potting, encapsulating, gasketing, bonding, composite filling and micro-dispensing. 

The Micro-Meter D2K’s benefits are said to include precision, application flexibility, control and adjustability. Positive rod displacement metering technology proportions materials to the exact volumetric ratio specified by manufacturers. Configurations provide flexibility to accommodate changes in application or material requirements. The dual servo-drive option combines adjustable and variable flow rate with positive rod-driven repeatability in shot or bead output. Pre-pressure of both the resin and catalyst materials results in the best mix control and reduces any lead-lag issues of mixing thick and thin materials. Ratio changes can be supported through software inputs with no changes to hardware, allowing cure time and hardness to easily match the application needs.

In addition, the Micro-Meter D2K is said to promise ease of assembly and integration with automation. Its simplified mounting plate requires only six bolts, basic service procedures do not require removal from the robot, dowelled assemblies assure reassembly does not create robotic
offset needs, optimized hose routings are provided with inlet valve orientation options, and a grease zone allows robotic movement and inversion without dripping lubrication.

The dispenser is 31" (78.74 cm) tall, with a depth of 6" (15.24 cm) and a width of 7.5" (19.05 cm). Its dry weight, including stainless steel valves, is 38.6 lb (17.5 kg). Additional specifications include:

  • ratio range (volume) of 12:1,
  • an adjustable ratio design,
  • viscosity range of liquids and pastes from 1 to 750,000 cps,
  • volumetric output of 0.10 to 25 cc,
  • working pressure up to 1,500 psi (103 bar),
  • flow rate of 15 cc/sec,
  • adjustable and variable flow rate type,
  • volume repeatability of 0.5% and
  • ratio repeatability of 1.0%.

The full Micro-Meter product family offers dispensing solutions for small volumes of material ranging from 0.05 cc to 25 cc. Each product offers application flexibility to accommodate changes in material requirements, versatility to fit into existing production environments, positive rod metering for unmatched repeatability, volume-optimized cylinders for optimal control and flexible inlet valve design for quick installations and retrofitting. The Micro-Meter compliments Nordson Sealant Equipment’s Pro-Meter family of dispensers.