CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions

Appears in Print as: 'Machining methods for perforating composites'

IKONICS AMS will offer a presention on “Machining Methods for Perforating Composites,” during CAMX 2019.


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IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions (Duluth, Minn., U.S.) is well-known in the aerospace field for its non-traditional machining method, Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM). The company is also branching into a variety of new areas such as designing customized patterns for prosthetic limb enhancement, emergency vehicle interiors, fenders, steel screen replacement and more. 

IKONICS AMS will offer a presentation on “Machining Methods for Perforating Composites,” during CAMX 2019. Wes Barton, senior application and sales Specialist for IKONICS AMS will cover such topics as:

  • Composite Growth in Aerospace
  • Typical Perforated Expectations & Traditional Perforating Limitations
  • Perforating Methods
  • Precision Abrasive Machining (PAM)
  • PAM Process vs. Traditional Machining Methods
  • PAM Applications

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