CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Diversified Machine Systems

Appears in Print as: 'Five-axis CNC machining'

Diversified Machine Systems is showcasing its 5-axis CNC machining capabilities at CAMX 2019.
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CAMX 2019 Diversified Machine Systems 5-axis CNC router

Source | DMS


Diversified Machine Systems (DMS; Colorado Springs, Colo., U.S.) is showcasing its 5-axis CNC machining capabilities at CAMX 2019. DMS says its machines are known for their durability and repeatability, and that all of its 5-axis machines feature a stress-relieved steel frame that is fabricated and assembled in-house.

DMS’s 5-axis Enclosed Overhead Gantry CNC machine is a heavy-duty machine that can be used to process a variety of applications and materials, including composites. This model is available in either a solid roof or a retractable “clamshell-style” roof that is designed for easier access and more efficient loading and unloading of materials. 

CAMX 2019 DMS CNC router

Source | DMS

The 5-axis Enclosed Dual Cell Moving Table CNC Machine is designed to be a continuous-use, medium to heavy-duty series of machines, available in a range of sizes and styles.

The 5-axis Enclosed Dual Cell Moving Table CNC router is designed for use with honeycomb, composites, carbon fiber or aluminum. The enclosed design keeps debris inside, making it suited particularly for fine materials such as foam or carbon fiber. The twin moving table design pairs with DMS’ quick-change fixture system, enabling a single operator to switch between product runs.

In addition to manufacturing 3-axis CNC routers and 5-axis CNC machining centers, the company also provides full technical product support and a complete spare parts inventory. DMS has also developed a line of hybrid machines, including a 3 and 5-axis polymer additive CNC router. Booth J22.