CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: ATSP Innovations Inc.

Appears in Print as: 'High-temperature resins, adhesives'

ATSP Innovations Inc. is exhibiting its full line of high-temperature resins at CAMX 2019, as well as its Self-Bond adhesive process.
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CAMX ATSP tilting pad bearings

NOWE tilting-pad bearings. Source | ATSP

ATSP Innovations Inc. (Champaign, Ill., U.S.) is exhibiting its full line of Aromatic ThermoSetting coPolyester high-temperature resins designed for coatings, composites and stock shapes, Self-Bond structural adhesives and molding compounds.

All ATSP resins are said to offer high thermal stability (greater than 300℃) and glass transitions (up to 310℃ unfilled), low moisture pickup, flame resistance and compatibility with ATSP’s Self-Bond adhesive process.

Self-Bond technology reportedly enables rapid (bonding times less than 5 minutes), low-mess, non-tacky, high-temperature adhesion (60 MPa pulloff strength at 25℃, 4.6 MPa at 380℃) during the manufacturing process. Self-Bond resins can be deployed via electrostatic powder deposition, enabling rapid adhesive deposition over broad areas. Self-Bond enables metallic, ceramic and high-temperature composite materials coated with ATSP to covalently bond to each other as solids throughout the entire process via bond exchange reactions. Advantages of Self-Bond are said to include wide-area application such as powder coating, rapid bonding time, infinite and touch-safe/non-tacky open time, and an entirely solid-state process.



Multi-layer/multimaterial composite produced using the Self-Bond process. Source | ATSP


ATSP Innovations is also introducing its Estherm molding compound reinforcements, which include carbon fiber, glass fiber, graphene nanoplatelets, carbon nanotubes and molybdenum disulfide.

ATSP Innovations also provides wear solutions for extreme environments based on our molding materials. The NOWE product line uses blends of ATSP polymer with discontinuous carbon fibers and solid lubricants.

NOWE bearings and stock shape materials are said to offer optimum wear properties, low coefficients of friction, working temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 300℃, oxidative stability, low moisture pickup, non-flammability, easy machinability with low dust production, and compatibility with Self-Bond.