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4/19/2018 | 2 MINUTE READ

SPE launches new brand identity and website

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New brand identity and website reflects who SPE as a Society is today – signals current and prospective eco-friendly plastic innovations.


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Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE, Bethel, CT, US) unveiled its new logo and new website on April 18 with the purpose of communicating who SPE is and who its members are today. SPE’s new logo is meant to incorporate where SPE has been and where it’s headed. The new logo’s lower case letters and color scheme were chosen to be approachable and welcoming, and signal current and prospective eco-friendly plastic innovations.

According to Patrick Farrey, SPE’s CEO:

“Who we are today as a society and industry is different than who we were 75, 50 or 25 years ago; even different than who we were just a year ago. Our members and their needs have changed significantly. Our brand relaunch represents the natural evolution of that transformation. These improvements are about making sure our brand is relevant to our members and their lives. We are no longer a brand for ‘engineers’ only. Our design goal was to better match the members we serve today: plastics professionals that work throughout the plastics industry value chain worldwide-including scientists, technical personnel, and senior executives.” 

SPE members come from a broad range of backgrounds, age, gender, educational experiences, majors, interests, motivations, as well as levels of prior knowledge and skills. They number 22,500+ members from 84 countries.

“We celebrate the diversity of our community and support the professional and personal journeys of every one of our members,” says Farrey.  “That’s why we tell their stories through SPME, a new campaign that celebrates our members and who they are-unique, energetic, and forward looking.”

Along with the new logo comes a new tagline: “Inspiring Plastics Professionals.”

“We are inspired by our members’ impact: those who make a profound difference in the plastics community every day. This inspiration fuels our passion to help them succeed and guide them to answers they need; to connect them to colleagues/mentors and relevant trends, and champion their efforts to address the most pressing challenges within our industry,” says Farrey.  “As you begin to see the new brand identity used on our website, at our events and through our communications, it will be a reminder that our members are – and always will be – the inspiration for all we do.”

The newly redesigned “responsive” website, www.4spe.org, also reflects SPE’s new brand identity. It streamlines menus, simplifies navigation and provides easy access to join, renew membership, download articles or research, register for an event, or utilize any of the many SPE benefits. 

SPE partnered with David Nelson of davidnelson design from Chicago, IL. to implement this project.