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Dynexa prepares first prototypes for U.S. market

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The German filament winding specialist will deliver its first composite driveshaft prototypes to a U.S. truck driveline equipment manufacturer this fall.


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composite filament winding automotive driveshaft

Source | Dynexa


Dynexa (Laudenbach, Germany), a member of the Avanco Group (Herford, Germany) and specialist in composites solutions, announces that it is preparing its first prototypes for the U.S. market.

In May 2018, Dynexa partnered with Powersports Consulting LLC (Milkwaukee, Wis., U.S.) with the goal of entering its filament winding products into U.S. automotive, heavy truck, marine and powersports markets. 

Dynexa is now reportedly in active developments with key customers in the U.S., including a leading manufacturer of heavy truck driveline equipment. The company says its first order of composite driveshaft prototypes is due for delivery this fall for testing and evaluation. Dynexa says its composite driveline solutions are feasible for both prototyping and series production.


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