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CMS sponsors VŪHL in Race of Champions

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CMS machines are used to cut composites used for the VŪHL 05 supercar.


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CMS North America Inc. (Caledonia, Mich., U.S.) has sponsored the VŪHL 05 supercar during the coveted Race of Champions (ROC) event January 19 in Mexico City. 

Held at the Foro Sol stadium F1 track in Mexico City, the race is a demonstration of national teams competing for the title of “Worlds Fastest Nation.” Mexican/American design company VŪHL (Vehicles of Ultra High-performance and Lightweight, Mexico City, Mexico), which engineered the 05 and the 05RR track day supercars, achieving ROC’s current number one seated fastest track time. 

CMS is a world leader in technologies for processing a range of materials including  composite materials and is a supporter of VŪHL.

“Our machines are cutting the composites, that are used to build one of the lightest and fastest track cars on the market,” says Christopher Nesbit, marketing manager, CMS North America. 


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