Artemis Technologies and Creative Composites partner on eFoiler to cut drag on fast vessels by 90%

Composites-intensive electric propulsion system will make marine travel at high-speed and long-range commercially viable and help meet U.K.’s 2025 zero-emissions requirements.
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Artemis Technologies and Creative Composites collaborate on composites-intensive eFoiles



Artemis Technologies Ltd. (Slough, U.K.) is a leading high-performance maritime design and applied technologies company. It has announced a partnership with advanced composites manufacturer Creative Composites (Lisburn, U.K.) to help realize the revolutionary new electric Propulsion System eFoiler and Artemis Technologies’ plan to lead decarbonization of the marine and maritime industry. Creative Composites will manufacture a range of components for the eFoiler system which will be produced in Belfast.

Artemis Technologies has developed a new approach to maritime design using lightweight composite structures and digital twin technology. Its eFoiler electric propulsion system works with wing-like, under-hull foils to reduce the drag of a conventional fast ferry or traditional hydrofoil by up to 90%, making electric propulsion commercially viable. SOURCE | Artemis Technologies Ltd.


“This is an incredibly exciting collaboration that marks a major milestone on our journey to help the maritime sector reduce carbon emissions by developing new green technologies that will power the vessels of the future,” said David Tyler, Commercial Director for Artemis Technologies.”

 “With a commitment by the U.K. government that all new maritime vessels must be fitted with zero-emissions technology by 2025, solutions such as our eFoiler system will play a key role in realizing that goal. Using truly transformative and complex technology, the eFoiler will reduce the drag of modern fast vessels by up to 90%, making electric propulsion at high-speed and range commercially viable for the first time.”


Tyler notes that Creative Composites is the perfect partner for Artemis Technologies, due to its extensive experience making composite structures for the transport industry and a commitment to advanced manufacturing. It will form part of the growing maritime cluster in Northern Ireland. As part of the collaboration, staff from Artemis Technologies will be based at Creative Composites to work alongside the team, sharing knowledge and helping to build new skills and provide insights into the maritime sector.

“[This collaboration] will further diversify the range of sectors we serve as we constantly innovate and expand our expertise, to satisfy the growing demand for advanced composite manufacturing,” said Jonathan Holmes, Managing Director, Creative Composites.

Artemis Technologies, a sister company to the Artemis Racing professional sailing team, is the lead partner in a Belfast consortium bidding to return shipbuilding to the city. The collaboration with Creative Composites showcases Belfast’s existing research excellence and high-quality innovation capability encompassing academia, industry and local government. It is the only applicant from Northern Ireland and the maritime industry to be selected for the next stage of the UK Research and Innovation’s Strength in Places Fund.

If successful, this venture will see more than £30 million in funding go toward the consortium’s strategy to decarbonize maritime transportation, while also creating new commercial opportunities and laying the foundation for future product development pathways.