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Abaris Training adds Advanced Windblade Repair to its 2020 course offerings

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2020 composite repair course schedule is released with new course to meet growing demand.


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Abaris Training composite repair class


In order to meet customer demand for calendar year 2020 composite materials training requests, Abaris Training Resources, Inc. (Reno, NV) has released its 2020 class schedule. In addition to the regular lineup of Engineering, Manufacturing, NDI and Repair classes, Abaris is offering a new course for 2020: (R-15) Advanced Windblade Repair.

This advanced course was designed to be a follow-on to Abaris’ current Composite Windblade Repair course, but delves deeper into CFRP spar repairs as well as more complex repairs like blade tips and trailing edges. The initial release of the Abaris 2020 schedule includes the company’s standard classes, but additional new courses are anticipated and will be added to the schedule when confirmed. Potential students are encouraged to check back for updates.


Abaris Training composite repair courses for 2020 initial listing



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