How to Use Kinetics NEO and How This Can Change Your Thermosetting Curing Process

January 23

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Kinetics Neo is a stand-alone software package for the simulation of aging, sintering and curing and other reactive processes as a function of time. Based on the story of the webinar “Material characterization along the CFRP manufacturing process” this webinar focuses on the use of Kinetics Neo to simulate the progress of the underlying curing reaction of the used material. How to create the necessary data using thermal analysis methods and how to build up a kinetic model will be shown. In the conclusion, predictions for different processing scenarios will be made and the impacts on the curing are presented. 

Primary Topics: 
1. Fundamentals on kinetics 
2. How to use NETZSCH Kinetics NEO 
3. How Kinetics NEO can help to optimize your process 

Presenter: Alexander Chaloupka 
Alexander Chaloupka studied physics at the University of Augsburg and was working at the Application Center for Material and Environmental research. From 2013 on he was working at the branch Functional Lightweight Design of the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology ICT (now Fraunhofer IGCV) and was responsible for thermophysical analysis. There he started his Ph.D in dielectric analysis. In 2016 he joined Netzsch-Gerätebau as R&D project engineer in the field of the DEA288 and operates in the business field management polymer.