And the winners are...

By: Jeff Sloan

As 2020 comes to an end, CW Editor-in-Chief Jeff Sloan takes a look at the stories over the last 12 months that garnered the most attention on the CW website.

Compression Molding

Tech Table: Compression molding machines

By: Grace Nehls

CW’s third Tech Table represents compression molding machine data collected from information provided by suppliers. 


South Korean carbon fiber recycling start-up scales up

By: Hannah Mason

With plans for growth, CATACK-H claims its solvolysis-based recycling process can reclaim high-quality fibers and resins from materials and finished parts.
#trends #sustainability


ICP thermoplastic tension members enable flex strength improvement

By: Grace Nehls

TM continuous fiber-reinforced rods help plastic parts perform more like metal by increasing load capacity and overall stiffness of the molded part. 

Part 2: Applying CT scan data analysis and visualization to composites

Advanced CT-scan analyses can offer deep insight into challenges faced when examining novel composites and hybrid material behavior or performing quality and certification testing. Part two of a two-part series. 
#design-and-testing #composites4_0


AFP tow steering comes of age, Part 1: Current state

By: Jeff Sloan

It used to be enough that AFP systems could precisely and quickly place and cut multiple tows to build complex aerostructures. Now, fabricators need those tows steered, and the tighter the radius, the better.
#nextgenaerospace #f-35 #airbus


Infinite Material Solutions presents water-soluble support material for 3D-printing capabilities

By: Grace Nehls

AquaSys 180 is compatible with high-temperature thermoplastics and holds an advantage for the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing process.
#pei #peek


Modernizing the mechanical rotor sail

By: Hannah Mason

Composites are key for Norsepower’s award-winning redesign of a century-old rotor sail for reducing carbon emissions on passenger and cargo ships.


Altair Inspire Mold simulates injection molding process to optimize manufacturability

By: Grace Nehls

Inspire Mold can evaluate manufacturability of new components at the outset of development, complete design iterations faster, reduce cost and other optimization features.


Hybrid, large-format additive tooling: Lighter, faster, less costly molds for big parts

By: Peggy Malnati

Additively manufactured cores, CFRP face skins produce large tools for prototype, low-volume aerostructure parts.
#workinprogress #pei #iacmi

Automated Composites Knowledge Center

By: Katelyn Arnold

Here, in the Automated Composites Knowledge Center, CGTech brings you vital information about all things automated composites.

Cloudy skies ahead for composites

By: Dale Brosius

In light of the uncertainty the composites industry faces, business travel, the supply chain and the inability to develop next-generation leaders are concerns to watch for leading into 2021.