Design & Tooling

Thermoplastic tapes reinforced with textile-based PAN carbon fiber

By: Peggy Malnati

IACMI project trials inline production of thermoplastic tapes reinforced with textile-based PAN carbon fiber. 
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HP-RTM as a means to reduce hydrogen tank packaging space and cost

By: Ginger Gardiner

BBG Gmbh & Co. KG has developed molds for producers of type IV CFRP tanks, integrating automation and sensors for faster, cheaper production of adjustable-length hydrogen storage cylinders.
#electricvehicles #hydrogen #braiding

Mass-Vac vacuum pump inlet trap protects extruder vent lines and pumps

By: Grace Nehls

Suitable for all plastic extruders, the MV Multi-Trap Vacuum Inlet Trap combines a full knockdown baffle with multiple stainless steel gauze filters to capture all volatile byproducts.


Invar, wire additive manufacturing expand aerocomposite tooling options

By: Peggy Malnati

Invar facesheets and backing structures are candidates for large-format 3D printing to more quickly and efficiently produce aerostructures tooling.
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Aerospace: R&D investment now is critical to post-pandemic growth

By: Dale Brosius

While reduced R&D investments may be a natural response to the pandemic’s swift and brutal impact to commercial aviation, ramping up innovation is more imperative for the long-term.


Hydroelectric turbine blade design propelled by composites

By: Hannah Mason

Glass fiber composites power the development of a modular, spiral-shaped hydroelectric micro turbine blade for low-cost, high-efficiency renewable energy generation.
#focusondesign #sustainability

Exact Metrology Raytech Measuring Tables meets standard machine needs

By: Grace Nehls

Shop floor dimensional measuring machines are offered as a single- or three-axis table for cutting, bending, punching, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, drilling or tapping.

Supply chain challenges persist into the new year

By: Michael Guckes

Quickening expansion in new orders and production activity was counterbalanced by worsening contraction in export activity for the January Composites Index.


Axiom Materials CerFace AX-8810 surface film improves outer finish of CMC components

By: Grace Nehls

Surface film protects exposed fibers and minimizes surface roughness of CMC components for operating temperatures of up to 1,093ºC.

Optris launches high-speed pyrometer CT 4M

By: Grace Nehls

High-speed pyrometer possesses a detection time of 90 µs, and is ideal for low-temperature measurements.

Keyland Polymer offers antimicrobial protection for its UV-cured powder coatings

By: Grace Nehls

UVMax Defender causes no observable or measurable change in surface properties while keeping surfaces and products safer. 

Additive Manufacturing

Enhanced Digimat software offers improved composite 3D printing simulation capabilities

By: Grace Nehls

Manufacturers are able to analyze the production cost of polymer-based AM parts against conventional processes and validate composite microstructures via CT scanning.