Optimized fiber reinforcements, fabrics, NCFs

By: Jeff Sloan

In this Digital Demo, Vectorply provides an overview of its fiber formatting capabilities and technical support operations.


Airlander 10: The future of zero-carbon aviation

By: Grace Nehls

Lighter-than-air flight is making a comeback with Hybrid Air Vehicles’ Airlander airliner and it’s taking composites and sustainability to the next level.


Large composite covers protect a lot of water

By: Jeff Sloan

A massive concrete water storage facility in Bogotá, Colombia, gets a much-needed makeover with the resin transfer molding of 840 large composite domes that keep the water potable.
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Durability testing of adhesively bonded composites

By: Daniel Adams

Current test method development shows potential for the composite wedge test, a standardized durability-based test for adhesively bonded composites. 

Additive Manufacturing

Thermwood presents low-cost LSAM Additive Systems

By: Grace Nehls

LSAM Additive Printer is built around a 30-mm print head while retaining all features and print quality known to the company’s large flagship LSAM systems.

Glass Fibers

Glass fiber and phenolic prove their mettle in camshaft module

By: Peggy Malnati

Replacing aluminum, a fiberglass/phenolic module reduces mass and NVH in a prototype structure and speeds assembly line installation.


Automated weaving system targets high-performance, high-volume applications

By: Hannah Mason

Startup WEAV3D Inc.’s technology produces highly tunable, woven lattice reinforcements for cost-effective, high-volume automotive composites and precast concrete applications.
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Digital Demos

Additive manufacturing/compression molding technology for next-generation composites

By: Jeff Sloan

9T Labs’ deposition process places continuous carbon fiber only where necessary to save material, reduce waste, and more precisely control the structure of preformed composites.


Challenges of laser-assisted tape winding of thermoplastic composites

Practical solutions for process-related challenges in LATW, which has great potential for pressure vessels and storage tanks.


Thermwood advances LSAM capabilities with automatic print temperature monitoring 

By: Grace Nehls

Thermal Sensor Layer Automation system uses a non-contact temperature sensor for continuous temperature data, ensuring precise fusion between large-scale thermoplastic printed layers.

Glass Fibers

Composite panels aid design of prefabricated apartment addition

By: Hannah Mason

Glass fiber/epoxy sandwich panels achieved structural requirements, complex geometries and challenging installation needs for London apartment renovation.
#infrastructure #application

Slow supply chains and strong demand elevate material prices

By: Michael Guckes

The Composites Fabricating Index set a new multi-year high for the month of February. Fabricators should expect material prices to remain highly volatile the longer that supply chains remain disrupted.