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3D printing continuous fiber on the desktop


Desktop Metal (Burlington, Mass., U.S.), a company that specializes in metal 3D printing for product development and mass production, has announced it will expand its technology to include the composites community. Desktop Metal was founded in 2015 with a mission “to make 3D printing accessible for all engineers, designers and manufacturers,” and since then the company has brought two 3D printing technologies to market — its office-friendly metal 3D printing Studio System and its high-volume Production System metal 3D printer, which is capable of printing speeds up to 12,000 cm3/hr. Now, the company is unveiling what it says is the world’s first true continuous fiber desktop printer.

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Product Roundup: October 2019


Composite materials and innovations are constantly evolving. In addition to industry news, features, blog posts and podcasts, CW also maintains a comprehensive collection of product announcements. This roundup includes links to regular posts concerning the latest products of interest to the composites industry.

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Small sat demonstrator enabled by CRP Technology's Windform composite materials


The space industry has been revolutionized by the ever-increasing production and launch of small satellites. Additive manufacturing technologies are playing an increasing role with the manufacture of structural components for the new generation of space parts using high-performance composite materials. 

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