Digital Demos

CW's Digital Demos, explained

By: Jeff Sloan

In May 2020, CW is launching Digital Demos, a new on-demand product that provides composites industry suppliers a channel to introduce new products and technologies to the CW audience of designers and fabricators. This video briefly explains it.


Material choices for the Corvette rear bumper beam

By: Peggy Malnati

From fabrics to resins, a number of new combinations of materials went into the making of the world’s first curved pultruded automotive part.
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RAPM development with PtFS

By: Ginger Gardiner

Boeing-led program explores rapid part cycles using automated, 180-channel thermal control molding cell for infusion, thermoset prepreg and thermoplastic composites.
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Manufacturing the complex geometry parts of RAPM

By: Ginger Gardiner

Boeing-led program explores simulation, tooling, preforming and molding approaches to lower composites part cost.
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Compression Molding

Novel prepreg for compression molding in RAPM

By: Ginger Gardiner

Solvay and Boeing combine aerospace performance with process knowledge for high-rate, low-cost composites production.
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Curve in the road: First curved pultruded auto parts

By: Peggy Malnati

Thomas Technik + Innovation KG’s radius pultrusion process unlocks new possibilities for the automotive market and beyond.
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Curved pultrusions enter production

By: Peggy Malnati

Corvette CFRP rear bumper beam is the auto industry’s first use of new technology.
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What will the composites industry's post-pandemic future look like?

By: Jeff Sloan

We already have the tools needed to help us craft our future, even if we do not know yet how and where those tools might be deployed.
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Design & Tooling

Developing new solutions for noise, vibration and harshness

Several recent IACMI partner projects focus on technology innovation related to challenges in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in vehicle design.
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Combination of automation, rigid foam core enable high-volume aircraft part production

By: Hannah Mason

A feasibility study demonstrates increased production capacity using Evonik foam core and automated manufacturing.
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Carbon Fibers

Tooling, precision enable composites in satellite subsystems

By: Scott Francis

Tight tolerances drive design and engineering of large-format composite component and dishes to create unique satellite structures.
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Continuing the sustainable composites conversation

By: Dale Brosius

Once the coronavirus pandemic ends, and a new “normal” begins, what will the conversation around sustainable composites and advanced materials sound like?
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