Satellite deployer redesign supported by 3D-printed composites

By: Hannah Mason

A Scottish technology company employs additive manufacturing and CRP Technology composite materials for a lighter, more manufacturable PocketQube deployer.

When — not if — to pivot

By: Jeff Sloan

In the business and manufacturing world that CW operates in, we have heard one particular coronavirus vocabulary word very frequently: pivot.
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Composites speed concrete facade fabrication

By: Jeff Sloan

The 45-story One South First building, on the 11-acre Domino Park campus in Brooklyn, N.Y., features a geometrically complex concrete facade made, in part, with composite molds fabricated using large-format additive manufacturing.
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Coriolis Composites and Edixia develop inline inspection for AFP

By: Ginger Gardiner

Video and discussion of how the sensor and software operate to boost composites productivity
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Fiberglass composites improve infrastructure efficiency and sustainability

Gert de Roover, building, construction and infrastructure manager at Exel Composites, explains why composite materials contribute to the drive for greener buildings. 
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Additive Manufacturing

Hyperjoint: additive metal + composites = stronger, tougher joints

By: Ginger Gardiner

Eliminates drilling holes with lap shear 60% higher than bolted joints and almost twice that of bonded joints.
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Changing composites paradigms in the wake of COVID-19

By: Dale Brosius

Efforts to locally and globally collaborate in order to address industry issues and stimulate innovation are becoming essential conversations during the coronavirus pandemic. 
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Plant tour: Hexcel, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

By: Jeff Sloan

The scale, precision, speed and quality of carbon fiber manufacture has evolved substantially since the material’s modern introduction in the late 1960s. Hexcel offers a glimpse of the state of the art today.
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Filament Winding

Composite output shaft ready for automotive proving ground

By: Karen Mason

Unlike automotive driveshafts, automotive output shafts cannot leverage shaft length as a factor when making the case for composites. Instead, other beneficial features have made a composite output shaft able to compete with metal shafts, especially in electric vehicles.
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Composites Index contracts faster in second month of COVID-19 lockdown

By: Michael Guckes

April 2020 – 35.1


Strata's workforce leaders share perspectives on women in manufacturing

By: Hannah Mason

UAE-based aerostructures manufacturer Strata Manufacturing prides itself on providing opportunities for its multinational, female-dominant workforce.
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Revolutionizing the composites cost paradigm, Part 2: Forming

By: Ginger Gardiner

Boeing-led parts trials explore infusion, compression molding and thermoplastics, offering lessons and supply chain options to better compete with aluminum.
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