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Sustainability matters: Now, not just in the future

By: Dale Brosius

Public opinion on plastics will sharpen the focus on sustainability in composites manufacturing.
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The black swan events hitting the composites industry

By: Jeff Sloan

From the Boeing 787 to COVID-19: When the out-of-the-ordinary becomes ordinary — and affects the manufacturing supply chain.
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Composites Index contracts on weak backlogs

By: Michael Guckes

For February 2020, the Composites Index contracted slightly with a reading of 49.7.


Industrial production line for recycling thermoplastic polymers and composites into organosheet

By: Ginger Gardiner

ThermoPRIME and Thermosaïc technologies recycle plastic and composite waste via modular, flexible equipment.
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Tepex reinforces child seat headrest demonstrator

By: Hannah Mason

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and a new PCIM-based production process demonstrate potential for lightweight structural safety components.
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FRP chosen for New York pedestrian bridge as part of 9/11 rebuild project

By: Hannah Mason

The West Thames pedestrian bridge comprises FiberSPAN fiber-reinforced polymer decking from Composite Advantage.
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UK composites structure manufacturer continues to expand

By: Scott Francis

Norco, which built its reputation as a manufacturer of large glass fiber reinforced structures, continues to grow and currently offers a wide range of bespoke composite products.
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Corrosion-resistant composite piping over the long haul

By: Amanda Jacob

Three decades of lessons learned using corrosion-resistant glass fiber-reinforced composites in piping at SABIC’s Netherlands chlorine production plant.
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Greener camping: Sonic X breaks barriers

By: Peggy Malnati

Prototype travel trailer generates excitement, leads to new commercial models.
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Automation options arise for labor-intensive composites

By: Michael LeGault

Typically labor-intensive fabrication processes have more automation options as new technology works in concert with operators to improve efficiency.
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Building bridges with composites

By: Scott Francis

The growing role of advanced materials in infrastructure.
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