What a difference a year makes

By: Jeff Sloan

If 2020 was bad, then 2021 can only be better. CW Editor-in-Chief Jeff Sloan discusses the promising and not-so-promising industry trends leading up to 2021. 


VeeloHEAT Caul enables in-situ hot debulking capabilities

By: Grace Nehls

Built on existing debulk bagging procedures, Veelo Technologies’ debulking solution can take place at the tool during layup, reducing costs and improving throughput. 
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Composites activity expands for third straight month

By: Michael Guckes

Production may struggle under slowing new orders and supply chain challenges.


Composite rebar for future infrastructure

By: Ginger Gardiner

GFRP eliminates risk of corrosion and increases durability fourfold for reinforced concrete that meets future demands as traffic, urbanization and extreme weather increase.
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FTIR Plastic Analysis System facilitates highly accurate substance qualification

By: Grace Nehls

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ system can determine the state of deterioration when analyzing foreign substances, contaminants and microplastics.

What is the role of composites in electric vehicles?

By: Dale Brosius

Governments and automakers are sending clear signals that electric vehicles are the future. Lightweighting EVs with composites seems obvious, but Dale Brosius says there are more opportunities not to be missed.
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Carbon Fibers

Flexible carbon fiber plates enable high-performance footwear

By: Hannah Mason

Carbitex’s flexible carbon fiber/thermoplastic composite plates use creative engineering to eliminate design compromises in athletic footwear.


Bespoke process produces composite brake pedal every minute

By: Peggy Malnati

Three composite materials are used to create structural composite member that meets demanding mechanical requirements.
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Molecular Plasma Group introduces automated technology for adhesion promotion

By: Hannah Mason

MolecularGRIP combines atmospheric plasma treatment with adhesion promoter chemistry for automated, environmentally-friendly adhesion promotion on material surfaces.


Thermoplastic composite structure replaces metals on safety-critical brake pedals

By: Peggy Malnati

First all-composite brake pedals developed by Boge Rubber & Plastics Group are lighter, stiffer, stronger and offer improved driving haptics.
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Multilayer thermoplastic tapes, AFP and resin infusion for more democratic composites

By: Ginger Gardiner

Novotech advances new materials and more affordable automated processes for small aircraft and beyond
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Pratt & Whitney to produce advanced metal and CMC turbine airfoils in North Carolina

By: Ginger Gardiner

New 1 million-square-foot production facility follows CMC R&D center and publicized strategy for next-gen engines.
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