Composite resins price change report

CW’s running summary of resin price change announcements from major material suppliers that serve the composites manufacturing industry.

Glass Fibers

Teijin to install GF-SMC molding line to meet automotive market demands

Molding line to be installed at Benet Automotive in the Czech Republic by 2022, offers customers greater design freedom, productivity and cost efficiency.


Natural fiber-reinforced SMC targets industrial applications

Lorenz and IVW collaborate on a sheet molding compound (SMC) that can accommodate sunflower seed shells, reeds and other natural fibers and fillers.


Teijin, Applied EV develop composite autonomous vehicle platform

One-piece glass fiber-reinforced SMC structural shell reduces 20% weight and manufacturing complexity of the zero-emissions Blanc Robot platform.

European Alliance SMC BMC 2022 Design Award competition is open for projects

International design competition seeks European design students and young design professionals with novel ideas and solutions using SMC and BMC advanced materials.


High-voltage composite battery housing concept developed for e-mobility applications

Evonik and partners’ glass fiber-reinforced epoxy SMC component reduces battery housing weight by ~10%, ensures suitability for all vehicle size and class.

The European Alliance for SMC BMC launches design guide series for SMC, BMC composites

Thought of as bridging the gap between steel and thermoplastics, SMC and BMC material applications continue to grow. This design guide series addresses uses, questions and tips.


WEAV3D composite material approved for infrastructure reinforcement applications

Durable, strong and resistant to corrosion, the thermoplastic-based lattice material is suitable for use in Oldcastle Infrastructure’s polymer concrete and sheet molding compound (SMC) composite products. 


Creative Composites supplies SMC parts for zero-emission vehicles

Chosen for SMC’s range of benefits, Creative Composites has currently manufactured SMC front fenders and doors, designed to offer longevity, flexibility and robustness against everyday dents and knocks.


Inapal Plásticos manufactures SMC body panel for European SUV

A range of SMC components are being manufactured, from under hood to underbody and Class A components, and will provide the new luxury SUV with reduced part complexity and weight.


Toray International UK, Astar sign agreement for CMSC supply in U.K.

The addition of carbon fiber sheet molding compound supply to the U.K. composite market will add further value to Toray customers.


All-composite EV wheel moves to next development phase

U.K. consortium partners’ ACRIM II project aims to develop a low-cost, lightweight, all-composite wheel for electric vehicle applications.


First Siempelkamp SMC press system for U.S. customer accepted

The 1,200-ton sheet molding compound (SMC) press was assembled and commissioned in four weeks.


New Steering Committee named for the European Alliance for SMC BMC

With a focus on promotion and education of BMC and SMC across Europe, the association is looking toward its 2022 event.  



Glossary of composites terms


Creative Composites begins Class A body panels molding

Dieffenbacher’s CompressEco series, used for production of Creative Composite’s SMC Class A body panels for automotive applications, enables higher productivity and larger component sizes. 


Composites suppliers, fabricators respond to coronavirus

Companies across the composites industry supply chain share how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their businesses, and how they are available to help.


Brazilian composites sector shows third consecutive year of growth

Maxiquim’s recent study notes that the transportation and electric sectors are responsible for $560 million in revenue.


IDI composite designed for EV battery enclosures

IDI Composites International is introducing a new sheet molding compound (SMC) for the electric vehicle market.


Dieffenbacher innovations focus on SMC, D-LFT

Dieffenbacher is presenting its solutions for tape laying, SMCs, D-LFT and wet molding technologies, as well as a new messaging and ticket system app.


IDI International launches material solution for EV battery covers

IDI Composites International is introducing FLAMEVEX, a new family of fiber reinforcements and resins designed specifically for the manufacture of battery enclosure systems.

Enabling a circular economy approach to advanced composites innovation, manufacturing and use, Part 2

IACMI chief technology officer Uday Vaidya reflects on IACMI’s role in improving composites’ recyclability and reusability.


SAMPE Summit 20 Paris agenda finalized

Dan Hart, president and CEO of Virgin Orbit, will be a featured speaker. CW readers qualify for a discounted registration.


Enabling a circular economy approach to advanced composites innovation, manufacturing and use, Part 1

In part 1 of a two-month column, IACMI chief technology officer Uday Vaidya reflects on the organization’s efforts to reduce the embodied energy of composites.

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