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Cannon Capital invests in Oribi Manufacturing

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Cannon Capital aims to grow Oribi’s growth in the thermoplastic composites market for a variety of applications.



Cannon Capital (Framingham, Mass., U.S.) announced that it has invested in Oribi Manufacturing (Denver, Colo., U.S.), and says its aim is to grow the company within its market. Oribi Manufacturing designs and manufactures thermoplastic composite components for applications in the energy, sports and recreation, defense and industrial markets. 

The company says that Oribi Manufacturing’s process technology and design expertise are helping to drive the adoption of thermoplastic composites, and that the collaboration between the two companies aims to accelerate this trend. 

Cannon Capital, founded in April 2016, has acquired businesses providing a variety of goods and services, including food and software. Oribi Manufacturing its the sixth company to be added to Cannon’s portfolio.


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