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Foam core products: STYROFOAM Panel Core extruded polystyrene. Structural adhesives: Mor-Ad and Mor-Melt, moisture cure and reactive hot-melt adhesives, offering shear and environmental resistance. Structural Insulated Sheathing: Dow SIS.

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Dow, DuPont complete merger to become DowDuPont
DowDuPont will operate as a holding company under with three standalone divisions – Agriculture, Materials Science and Specialty Products.

DowAksa, Vestas sign agreement to develop carbon fiber spar caps for wind turbine blades
DowAksa expects to provide more than $300 million worth of parts for carbon fiber-pultruded spar caps over the projected four year contract.

Composites: Hiding in plain sight
We need a collective public relations campaign to create more awareness of composites’ benefits.

Dow-Electro earns award for solving corrosion problem
The Dow Chemical Co. and Electro Chemical were recently presented with Materials Technology Institute’s (MTI) 2016 Global Value Award for applying MTI guidebooks as they collaborated on a scrubber repair project that solved Dow’s corrosion problem.

Composite driveshafts in production vehicles
Perennially appealing to auto racing and supercar enthusiasts, the composite driveshaft, for a time, also found use, from 1980 though the early 2000s, on a few production cars and vans as well.

North American TechDay

FRIMO hosted North American TechDay
The event focused on polyurethane and composites technologies and featured technical presentations, technology demonstrations, partner supplier exhibitions and more.


CW Plant Tour: Composites Technology Center, Stade, Germany
A cornerstone of Germany’s CFK Valley, CTC pushes composites forward via automation, recycling, digital thread-based manufacturing and more.

Small companies, long-term impact
In a time known for owner “exit strategies,” longevity in family-owned composites businesses is heartening.

Composites manufacturing — where the excitement lives
A regular CW columnist and the chief commercialization officer for the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI, Knoxville, TN, US), Dale Brosius points out that for today's engineering students, a Ph.D in manufacturing could open the door to an exciting, alternative career path.

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The matrix
The matrix binds the fiber reinforcement, gives the composite component its shape and determines its surface quality. A composite matrix may be a polymer, ceramic, metal or carbon. Here’s a guide to selection.

carbon fiber

Supply and demand: Advanced fibers
Demand for advanced fiber, virgin and reclaimed, is on an upswing after a dip during the recent recession. Fiber suppliers are gearing up to meet an expected increase in demand as manufacturers in a number of composites end-markets scale up or start up part development and production programs

LG Hausys invests in HP-RTM machine from KraussMaffei
The machine is producing advanced structural components for the visible part of automobiles, including a CFRP roof panel.

JEC World 2016 exhibition and product previews
JEC World 2016 will be held in Paris March 8-10. These are some of the products that will be found at the show.

IACMI – One insider’s perspective
A CW columnist, a composites industry consultant and the chief commercialization officer for the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (Knoxville, TN, US), Dale Brosius asks, “What if we took a ‘big hat’ approach to reach faster, more cost-effective solutions?”

Polyurethanes: Collaboration and adaptation for optimal application
Guest columnist Kevin Meyer, associate scientist, Dow Polyurethanes, The Dow Chemical Co. (Midland, MI, US), asks, and suggests some answers to, the question, "Why have polyurethanes, given their performance advantages, not been adopted in place of other thermosetting resins in a host of applications?"

CAMX 2015 preview: Dow Polyurethanes
Showcased at CAMX will be Dow’s VORAFORCE epoxy and polyurethane composite systems.

Dow Polyurethanes
Dow Polyurethanes (Midland, MI, US) will introduce the VORAFORCE TP 1200 series, a novel polyurethane solution that enables fast, energy-efficient pultrusion fabrication with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Thermosets vs. thermoplastics: Is the battle over?
Dale Brosius, the chief commercialization officer for the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) and a regular CW columnist, sees a shift in the industry from infighting between proponents of thermoset and thermoplastic composites to a healthier competitive atmosphere that serves to make composites overall more competitive with legacy materials.

At JEC Europe 2015: Dow Automotive Systems
This multi-national subsidiary of Midland, MI, US-based Dow Chemical Co., from its Schwalbach, Germany, facilities, came to the show with an update on its VORAFORCE 5300 epoxy resin matrix system.

Australian carbon fiber center to partner with DowAksa
DowAksa will team with Deakin University and the Carbon Nexus facility to promote carbon for market adoption, and promote Australian expertise in materials and manufacturing.

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