INEOS Composites’ Aropol resin emphasizes cosmetics, low shrinkage

Appears in Print as: 'Low-profile resin designed for cosmetics, low shrinkage '

Aropol LP 67400 unsaturated polyester resin is suited for above-water-line marine and pontoon small parts, as well as RV parts.
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Aropol LP 67400, INEOS Composites’ low-profile unsaturated polyester resin, is designed for the recreational marine and vehicle markets in North America. It has low shrink and attention to cosmetics with high strength and robust processing capabilities for boat builders and RV manufacturers, the company says.


This resin is made to be used in room temperature, closed-molding applications such as infusion, RTM-Light and press-molding. It is suited for above-water-line marine and pontoon small parts, as well as RV parts.

INEOS says Aropol enables room temperature processing, improved mechanical properties, lower exotherms and improved storage stability as compared to traditional low-profile resins. This resin also features shrinkage control and dimensional stability over a variety of part thicknesses.


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